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PPSMI (Teaching of Science and Maths in English) is confirmed to be abolished as announced by MOE. Read about its implementation here. Back to the abolishment of PPSMI. Is the government taking the right steps? Is this merely a tactic of a government which is under immense. Try picturing us 30 years on after the abolishment of the PPSMI, what can we imagine Malaysia to be then? Is it a remorse and regretful picture.


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Is it a remorse and regretful picture of us of not keeping English for Mathematics and Science? It is of interest to note that the abolishment of ppsmi of education policies in Malaysia lacked transparency and hence the lack of objective measures on the efficacy of PPSMI.

In light of this, we attempt to evaluate PPSMI critically and objectively and provide a suggestion for the way forward to this issue.

Confirmed Abolishment of PPSMI – What Does It Means?

Looking back, this policy to teach Science abolishment of ppsmi Mathematics in English has upset a lot of Malaysians — Abolishment of ppsmi, Chinese and Indian alike — when Mahathir rolled it out in Today, it has caused a stir again by its abolishment within a short span of a few years.

It is not surprising that there has always been a lack of transparency of information conferred by the government. There were no stages of implementation, policy reviews and continued research to develop this policy. Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin the current Education Minister of Malaysia used the results of this research and advocated the need to abolish this policy.

Secondly, education cannot be solely measured on a cost-benefit analysis where the success of the policy implemented results in the return on public spending.

For Science achievement, the results show the opposite. A similar trend was observed in the report Table 2which also showed a tendency for abolishment of ppsmi score in science for those who never speak the language of the test at home. It is worth noting abolishment of ppsmi inthe test was administered in Malay language only which obviously points out an indirect relationship of ethnicity here.


The language of instruction that was used in the administration of this test in is in Malay and English, thus affecting the interpretation of the results. There is no further breakdown as to their proficiency levels in the separate language.

Therefore, the use of this TIMSS study in as an evidence for the decrease in Mathematics abolishment of ppsmi Science achievement among school students is inappropriate. Salient points from two additional dissertations written by Malaysians can be further elaborated.

In a policy analysis that was reported by Ismaila policy analysis tool1 was used and a pilot test was conducted on a small sample of schools in three northern states Kedah, Penang, Perlis to measure school performance in Mathematics and Science.

They are subjects which need deep elaborations as to its concepts as well as strict methodology when it comes to actual practice in the labs or in real life.

PPSMI good policy but riddled with implementation flaws | Hornbill Unleashed

Maths and Science are closely related to the understanding of what is happening around us and it is only natural that its basic principles should be taught in a language which is the most familiar to the students as well as the teachers. Just imagine what will happen if the teachers themselves cannot even fully elaborate and convey the knowledge to their students due to their lack of command of English not to mention the students.

I do believe though that should the government at the time had enough abolishment of ppsmi and courage to implement the policy with gradual improvements and tinkering from time to time despite all the noise etc. The Parent Action Group for Education Malaysia PAGE has been in the forefront to champion the cause to maintain the policy for those who wish their children to learn these two 2 subjects in its lingua franca that is English.

Revealing the reality of PPSMI | Scientific Malaysian Magazine

Here abolishment of ppsmi how the abolishment of this policy is going to affect you. After SPM, you will revert the study of these two 2 subjects back abolishment of ppsmi English.

If you are entering Form 4 inbe prepared … you may have to switch to Bahasa Melayu for Science and Maths after learning these subjects in English for the past 9 years, do your SPM in Bahasa Melayu and then switch back to English when you enter college or university.