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The main protagonist is the Silesian nobleman, the physician and mage Reinmar of Bielawa, also known as Reynevan von Bielau. He is caught having romantic and amatory relationship with Adele von Sterz, wife of andrzej sapkowski narrenturm.

Narrenturm by Andrzej Sapkowski (2002, Book)

Andrzej sapkowski narrenturm this is how his adventures begin which he shares with new companions Sharley and Samson, eventually haunted by Sterz family, hired murderers, groups of robber knights and even by inquisition. This made up character has been put in real historical era with real historical figures.


Fantasy elements include occasional magical feats, artifacts, and non-human characters. The effect of plausibility is made stronger by the language of this book.

Since the very beginning of the book actually, minus bigger political plots, you could say that's basically what this first book is about he is bringing one disaster after another upon himself and his friends because he never thinks before doing anything, he doesn't take responsibility for his actions yet will promptly and harshly judge others for their own andrzej sapkowski narrenturm, and seems andrzej sapkowski narrenturm to understand the world he lives in doesn't work according to his stupidly naive and romanticized vision of it.

This could be redeemable in some way if he learnt something after every time he screws up, but he doesn't.

Andrzej Sapkowski on Apple Books

He keeps being the same foolish idiot, partly and this is particularly frustrating because he never experiences the full consequences of what his erratic behavior instigates, since he either gets lucky or someone who for some reason gives a damn about him pulls andrzej sapkowski narrenturm out of the clusterfuck he gets in.

During my reading, any time he was in the spotlight of the story I would roll my eyes and hope for the narrative focus to point elsewhere as soon as possible.

Very few times a main character has gotten under my skin this andrzej sapkowski narrenturm. Compared to Reynevan, secondary characters are great.

Samson and Scharley are well built, very likeable, and extremely charismatic, since they don't take themselves seriously, on the contrary to Reynevan, which as a result ends up being humorless. Overall, it's a book written on a different tone than the Witcher's saga but it's still enjoyable.

Very enjoyable if you don't mind absolutely idiot, cringe-worthy main characters.

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This is not the case here in Narrenturm. Sapkowski clearly has imbued this novel and presumably the trilogy, of which only the first two volumes have been translated so andrzej sapkowski narrenturm into Spanish with references not just to historical events his prologue consists almost entirely of narrating the historical trends noted in the introductory paragraphs above but there is a wealth of songs, religious motifs, and other cultural elements that add a richness to the narrative.

As a andrzej sapkowski narrenturm who remembers some of his undergraduate courses on the pre-Charles V Holy Roman Empire and associated lands, Sapkowski's detailed description of the locales and customs is near pitch-perfect.

Narrenturm (Husitská trilogie, #1) by Andrzej Sapkowski (1 star ratings)

From his description of a particular Narrenturm to the tactics used by Hussite soldiers to certain medieval customs and beliefs, the setting in the novel is well-realized and dynamic, providing surprising level of detail for a historically-based fiction. Although the magic scenes do not dominate the action, they are an important part of the narrative, particularly toward the end of the novel.

Too easily this magical addition could have weakened the novel's sense of plausibility; here, andrzej sapkowski narrenturm feels almost too "natural" to be remarked upon while reading, a testimony to Sapkowski's skills as a writer.

The scenes involving magic serve to add to the compelling events transpiring on stage; they do not distract nor detract from the reader's enjoyment of the historical fiction. Characterizations in a historical novel can be tricky.