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This is a list of organizations with a primary, or significant, commitment to ending human trafficking. List[edit]. Anti-Slavery International, Anti-Slavery International. The Anti-Human Trafficking Manual for Criminal Justice Practitioners is the result of a global cooperative process in which expert representatives from academia. Jump to India Anti Human Trafficking Portal - Home Affairs, launched a government web portal, the Anti Human Trafficking Portal, on 20 February ‎General · ‎Types · ‎Structural factors · ‎Consequences.


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U.S. Department of State

On 24 Octoberthe Convention received its tenth ratification thereby triggering the anti human trafficking whereby it entered into force on 1 February As of Junethe Convention has been ratified by 47 states including Belarus, a non-Council of Europe statewith Russia being the only state to not have ratified nor signed.

It also aims to prevent trafficking and to prosecute traffickers. In addition, the Convention provides for the setting up of an effective and independent monitoring mechanism capable of controlling the implementation of the obligations contained in the Convention.

The Convention is not restricted to Council of Europe member states; non-member states and the European Union also have the possibility of becoming Party to the Convention.

Anti-human trafficking manual

In Belarus became the first non-Council of Europe member state to accede to the Convention. The media plays an enormous role in shaping perceptions and guiding the public conversation anti human trafficking human trafficking. Here are some media best practices on how to effectively and responsibly report stories on human trafficking.

Offer human trafficking victims legal services, including support for those seeking benefits or special immigration status. Resources are available for attorneys representing victims of human trafficking.

Victims' needs in criminal justice proceedings in trafficking in persons cases The victimizing impact of the trafficking process must be recognized and addressed at every phase of criminal justice response. The Trafficking in Persons Protocol provides for support of and assistance to victims.

List of organizations that combat human trafficking - Wikipedia

This module details the requisite support and assistance at every phase of the criminal justice process and outlines the benefits of supporting and assisting victims not only for victims, but also for criminal justice objectives.

The module also demonstrates the challenges of respecting victims' rights irrespective of their level of collaboration with the criminal justice system. Protections and assistance to victims-witnesses in trafficking in persons cases This module defines and explains the concept of witness protection in general, the necessity for it and its limitations with respect to trafficking in persons cases.

Before accepting a job in anti human trafficking foreign country, check on the immigration website and find out for yourself what the visa requirements are.

Other important tips to protect yourself from being trafficked Travel with contacts. Carry the number of your embassy in the country to which you are relocating. Inform your embassy when you arrive.

Have a list of phone numbers of friends or contacts in the anti human trafficking country.


Call them when you arrive. Travel with an emergency plan. Provide your family members back home anti human trafficking all of your contact details. Call them and give them your new phone number and address when you arrive, as well as the phone number of your embassy and the local police.

15 Ways You Can Help Fight Human Trafficking

Should something go wrong and you lose contact with them, or they cannot reach you, have them call your embassy, the International Organisation for Migration IOM and the local anti human trafficking on your behalf. Travel with a copy of your passport. Do not give your passport to anyone!