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ARKEOLOJİ DERGİSİ hakemlidir ve yılda bir kez basılmaktadır. It is not allowed to copy any section of ARKEOLOJİ DERGİSİ without the permit of. TÜRK ARKEOLOJİ DERGİSİ. SAYI: X-1 Milli Eğitim Bakanlığı Eski Eserler ve Müzeler Genel Müdürlüğü tarafından neşrolunur. ANKARA -- Milli. Aktüel Arkeoloji Dergisi. Issues. Periodical, Aktüel Arkeoloji Dergisi, . Footer menu. Contact · Impressum. This site uses Piwik to statistically evaluate.


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Casein has been used for many arkeoloji dergisi of years in the preparation of plaster for wall paintings and forms a strong and stable binding material which yet has some resilience and allows moisture to pass freely, thereby preventing any damage from excessive accumulation of water in the plaster.


In some areas the plaster of the original paintings had become slightly detached from the wall of the building, but in no case was this sufficient to permit of the injection of a fixative behind the paintings unless they were first removed from the wall and then replaced, a lengthy operation which the condition of the paintings did not seem to warrant.

A compromise solution to this problem was adopted, in which the many hundreds of chip holes made in the surface of the paintings to key on the plaster which covered them were opened up back to the stonework of the wall arkeoloji dergisi filled with a new plaster mixture as described above.

In this way they will act as so many staples to prevent further movement away from the wall. There are many opinions as to the policy which should be followed in restoring wall paintings to something of their original appearance. It was the view of Professor Talbot Rice of Edinburgh University, under whose direction the work at Trabzon is being carried out, that the small chip holes should be toned in to correspond with the original intention of the painter arkeoloji dergisi that no extensive restoration of damaged areas should be undertaken since the result of this type of restoration, although it may be initially pleasing to the eye, is to confuse the older work with the modern, and lead inevitably to some falsification.

Restoration was therefore confined to the colouring of the chip holes in such a way that they do not interfere with the viewing of the paintings, but can neverthless be found if the onlooker wishes to do so.

Some surface scratches in the paintings were also coloured in the same way, while in a few places where outlines were perfectly clear on close inspection of the painting but would have been impossible to determine from the ground, these lines were emphasised by washing them over with a solution of the original colouring.

Aktüel Arkeoloji Dergisi | Topoi

An example where this has been done is with the figures of the Mother of God and arkeoloji dergisi Child Christ in the conch of the main apse where the form of the figures would have remained obscure if the colouring had not been intensified.

Those in the north east chapel vault were the meeting of Elizabeth and Mary and the Annunciation to Mary, while those in the south east chapel vault were concerned with the lives of Joachim and Anna, the texts for which are to be found in the Arkeoloji dergisi.

The offerings in this volume bring this reality to life as the chapters unfold nearly ten thousand years ca. The contributors combine descriptions of current scholarship on important discussion and debates in Anatolian studies with new and cutting edge research for future directions of study.

Smith acted as photographer for the expedition inmost of the photographs in illustration of this article having been taken by him. Miss Powell made sketches of areas of painting where photographs would have proved unsatisfactory as a record, and she spent the arkeoloji dergisi three weeks of the season in painting a full scale copy in oils of the Three Apostles in a boat on the sea of Tiberias.

Smith also made some sketches, a tracing of the best preserved inscription, which is that pertaining to the Appearance at the Sea of Tiberias, and he was successful in identifying the inscriptions of three out of four bishops in the archway from the north chapel into the apse.

In the course of the season a collection of samples of pigments and of pieces of plaster was made, and these have been handed over to Miss Plesters, of the National Gallery laboratory department, who is undertaking the analysis of them. Finally the two blocked archways in the sides of the north and west porches of Ayasofya, which were filled in when the building was used as a cholera hospital at the turn of the century, wers cleared of masonry.

Methods of Cleaning and Conservation. We concentrated mainly on the cleaning of arkeoloji dergisi paintings arkeoloji dergisi and only worked on conservation in areas where this was immediately necessary since we wished to gain a clearer picture of the nature of the paintings.

The cleaning operation was carried out in three main stages.

Aktüel Arkeoloji Dergisi

The thick plaster covering was for the most part chipped away with a sculptors hammer and chisels, but where the covering was already detached from the paintings, as was already the case over a large area of the barrel vault of the bema, it proved possible to level away fairly large pieces of plaster up to 30 cms.

The removal of the plaster covering left arkeoloji dergisi most places a layer of whitewash which still concealed the paintings.


This was removed so far as was possible by gently chipping it away or arkeoloji dergisi it down with palette knives. The final cleaning was done with dental picks or wooden modelling tools, the delicate points of which are arkeoloji dergisi to scrape off minute pieces of whitewash while doing the minimum of damage.

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In several parts of the paintings, where the arkeoloji dergisi of the paint was in arkeoloji dergisi condition, it was possible to put a final finish to the cleaning process by rubbing gently over the surface of the paint with a soft india rubber.