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Atomic Robo: The Roleplaying Game utilizes the all-purpose Fate system, One great angle of the Atomic Robo RPG is the fact you don't. Atomic Robo RPG . of the generous nature of Evil Hat Productions, LLC, who, in their wisdom, opened up the system to improve the Fate RPG ecosystem. Then it's time for the Atomic Robo RPG! Have you ever wanted to face down global conspiracy as an immortal atomic robot or Carl Sagan? The Atomic Robo.


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Edmund was running an event at the same time, but Atomic robo rpg had two walk-in players so we had a full table. However, with 12 characters to pick from, everyone had a lot of choices.

Most people were familiar with both Fate Core and atomic robo rpg Atomic Robo comics, which was good. Bernard had signed up for the Biotechnology and Biodiversity conference, and Bao, Koa, and Ada had tagged along for a fun trip.

But when Bernard noticed the thefts by miscreants who were not recorded atomic robo rpg CCTV, he knew something weird was going on.

Pretty soon Robo heard about this, and he and Jenkins made their way towards Scotland.


This is a good place to mention that I could not have wished for more fun, considerate players for these two characters. They were careful to stay in the background; in fact, they spontaneously decide to describe their journey as a series of cut scenes, changing modes of transportation with every cut.

In so doing, they gave the Tesladyne scientists plenty atomic robo rpg time to get the story established.

Atomic Robo Roleplaying Game

Bernard, Ada, Bao, and Koa investigated the thefts, establishing that the invisible thieves had small feet, were quite short, and drove an old three-wheel truckalso invisible. I was planning on eventually revealing them as velociraptors. They also found that atomic robo rpg and biotechnology research notes featured among the stolen items.

Then I ended Part 1 with the missing building. Robo accidentally collided with the building and crashed through, finding himself inside while disappearing from view for observers.

Jenkins and Bernard joined him, and discovered that the place had been ransacked. One thing that had been stolen was information on the local geology, and particularly on crystal formations; I was dropping hints about Atomic robo rpg. Dinosaur, and the players did in fact notice the possible connection.

After a bit more investigation, the entire team regrouped, and I offered the chance to have a Brainstorming session.

Adventuring Across the Fourth Dimension: A Review of ‘Atomic Robo – The Roleplaying Game’

I had written each step of the Brainstorming and Invention rules on index cards which made it easy to run through the process. The players succeeded in creating three facts atomic robo rpg formulating a hypothesis; and this is where my scenario went out the window.

They decided that what would be most fun would be to have a Helsingard clone, hiding in Scotland sincebehind Proteus Biotech which they had already identified as a suspicious organization.

Then they made the Loch Ness connection, but they decided that the mysterious crystals were in fact generated by Nessie, were the key to invisibility, and allowed one to move in the zorth direction. So Nessie had been captured by Proteus Biotech to harvest her crystal production.

Well, that was the end of my plans for Dr.

Saying Yes: Atomic Robo RPG

Stunts and Mega-Stunts define very specific unique abilities or bonuses which can come into play and also make every character an individual entity rather than just a cookie cutter archetype. Rufus is goofy enough to ignore the very real possibility of being crushed into a sticky mess and leaps to action.

I roll three positives and a negative for a total of two positives, so luck is with Rufus and my team members run through before the hydraulics slam the powerful doors behind us.

Of course there are lots of ways for the players to tilt the odds in their favor such as the use of Fate points as the real aim of Atomic Robo is to concoct fun and entertaining stories where everyone at the table plays a role in their creation.

I will mention I was surprised that Atomic Robo only has thirteen default skills Physique, Will, and Vehicles to name a few but the inclusion of Aspects and Stunts and Mega-Stunts can create some unique modifiers in situations. The rules do a great job allowing instant play and jumping right into a game creating one of the Action Scientists of Tesladyne, or coming up with any "Wierd Mode" character you could imagine if you don't mind putting a little extra time into character c This book's awesome.

The rules do a great job allowing instant play and jumping right into a game creating one of the Action Scientists of Tesladyne, or coming up with any "Wierd Mode" character you could imagine if you don't mind putting a atomic robo rpg extra time into character creation.

We're talking rules that allow you to create something like a cybernetic intelligent ape, to a bullet proof robot with super strength without being overpowered. Truth be told, a lot of the text is ripped right out of the FATE Core book, but all the rules are well explained using examples ripped right from the pages of Atomic Robo, making this a fun read and great way to learn the game.

My good friend picked up this game for me at Gencon in