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La piel bronceada connotaba una ocupación al aire libre La conocida cortesana fue víctima de su uso de productos tóxicos para el blanqueamiento de la piel. Suero para blanquear la piel en todo el cuerpo y para todo tipo de piel; Ayuda a reducir y eliminar la apariencia de manchas oscuras en la piel, manchas a. Well, yes. Many magazines happen to be accused of lightening her skin tone digitally to her skin lo.


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The more melanin you have, the darker your skin tone would be.


But hyperactivity of melanin causes it to be deposited unevenly in different parts and this makes the skin blotchy. It is important to remember that hyper-pigmentation may and can blanqueamiento de piel attributed to certain internal diseases and while it advisable to visit the dermatologist, please do so without reaching any definitive conclusions about what it could be.

If you already have some existing health problems or some allergies, it would be best to seek professional advice. All that said, sometimes blanqueamiento de piel can be misleading and very often we tend to get paranoid after surfing the web about marks on our skin.

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Asi que, always stay calm and never assume the worst in such situations. Remember ladies, Any skin tone looks beautiful as long as its even.


Keeping your skin colour the same all over your face and body can be hard. The skin on certain parts of your body inevitably gets darker due to various reasons.

Sale a la luz cómo fue que Michael Jackson se volvió blanco. Mirá las fotos

Causes Of Hyperpigmentation Hyper-pigmentation can happen to anyone due to many reasons. We know first-hand how frustrating it is when skin refuses to be co-operative. Exposure to Sunlight As you all know that blanqueamiento de piel UV rays of the sun are harmful to the skin.

Production of melanin is a sort of inflammatory reaction to the suns UV rays. The more exposed you blanqueamiento de piel to the sun, the more melanin your skin produces and the more it reacts to protect your skin against the sunburns and other allergic reactions.

¿Qué es la hiperpigmentación?

This blanqueamiento de piel specific parts of your body get more exposed and the UV rays are more concentrated on smaller parts. This set off the reaction for hyper-pigmentation. The melanocytes get activated and more melanin is produced in these areas alone. This does not mean that you can avoid the sun forever.

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It is among one of the many contributing factors for hyper-pigmentation. Allergic Reaction — Oopsie!

Everyone is allergic to something or other. Your skin is especially sensitive to the foods you ingest.

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Some foods tend to cause hyperpigmentation even if you are not allergic to it. Other allergic reactions may start as blotchy red patches but eventually become dark patches. Hyperpigmentation can blanqueamiento de piel occur under the eyes as dark circles, especially when your food does not sit right in your intestines.

That is, you have an irritable gut or bad digestion. Looking out for these signs blanqueamiento de piel important to keep a track of food allergies you have that is affecting your skin. Hormonal Imbalance — Not Again!