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@RoleyPoley: I think that the Marshall is especially nice for educating players. It teaches a lot about getting the initiative, developing an attack. The Ruy Lopez remains one of the most popular chess openings, both at club level and among top players. In this book, the companion volume to his acclaimed. Bologan's Ruy Lopez for Black is more than just a well laid-out, clearly explained and eminently playable set of responses against the Spanish.


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His tournament victories include the Aeroflot Open in Moscow and the Dortmund super-tournament.

Bologan's Ruy Lopez for Black: How to Play for a Win Against the Spanish Opening by Victor Bologan

Utdrag av Bologans forord: Why should you play or teach the Marshall or the Breyer? Although it would be nice to reduce the required effort by playing something other than The knowledge accumulated by studying many different types of positions will only help the student to widen his repertoire by adopting interesting alternatives, such as the old-fashioned Chigorin System or the super-elite Berlin Defence, just to mention a few bologan ruy lopez.

My first choice in the main line is the Marshall Attack, where I plan to offer two bologan ruy lopez for Black. This choice is not hard to explain.

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  • Bologan's Ruy Lopez for Black: How to Play for a Win Against the Spanish Opening
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Re8 where at the end Bologan states "returning the pawn and retaining the initiative. Anyways, I am impressed by this book and I think it is worth it's money. There is plenty of material bologan ruy lopez any Ruy Lopez connoisseur that is maybe not that much explored.

The Chess Mind - The Chess Mind Blog - Book Notice: Bologan's Ruy Lopez for Black

For example, against the Exchange variation, he gives 5. Be7, which I had not bologan ruy lopez. In this book, the companion volume to his acclaimed bestseller Bologan's Black Weapons in the Open Games, Victor Bologan presents a cutting-edge repertoire for Black based on the favourite lines of Magnus Carlsen and Levon Aronian.


Bologan presents TWO different options against every main line. Ntirlis has read everything relevant, cites most of it, and distills the typical plans brilliantly.

ChessPub Forum - Bologan's Ruy Lopez for Black. Content, comments

Still, the presence of the engine looms large in the analysis, and correspondence bologan ruy lopez are mentioned everywhere. This is a very advanced book, but for those looking for a one-stop solution to 1. Victor Bologan has also published a complete repertoire against 1. The priority here is to equalize… The second approach is quite the opposite… [it involves] detailed analyses [sic] of the acceptance of the sacrificed material in those gambits that I consider dubious.

Both the Two Knights and Italian are treated extensively, and almost every White try is answered with two bologan ruy lopez sometimes three repertoire choices.

Most were not, to my mind, as successful. Some move numbers are squared, while others are circled. There are asterisks and endnotes for game citations, while transpositions and move orders are marked with squiggly arrows.