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Bucyrus has earned its reputation as the world leader in blasthole drills on its .. 49HR. 63, kg. (, lb). - mm. ( - 16 in). m. (69 ft). A Bucyrus 49HR rotary blasthole drill equipped with a m3/min air compressor has ben commissioned at Collahuasi copper mine in Chile. Improved cab for Bucyrus 49HR drill. 49HR drill. Bucyrus has introduced an enhanced, state-of-the-art operator's cab for its 49HR line of rotary blasthole drills.


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The 49HR is a large model.

Bucyrus 49HR Blasthole Drill - White w/ Red - Weiss Brothers Enterprise

All the parts out of the box. Stairs which can lift and lower, and an opening door.

With the roof off, there is plenty of interior detail. The end of a drill rod with detailed cutting head.

Ready to raise the mast. There is an bucyrus 49hr debris guard to provide visibility from the cab.


The mast can be set for angled drilling. Close up of the drill motors. The Bucyrus 49hr 49HR is a hard rock drilling rig used in opencast mines for rotary drilling holes which are later packed with charges and fired to break up the rock and enable easier excavation by shovels and draglines.

TWH Bucyrus 49HR Cranes Etc Review

The drill motor is fixed to a trolley which travels up and down the mast using a rack and pinion system. This design allows constant pressure to the drill head when drilling.

The model has been produced in a variety of different colour schemes and this version is white with a blue mast. Packaging The picture box is fairly large and the bucyrus 49hr is contained within a pair of expanded polystyrene trays.


Judging from the condition of the outer plain box it was clear that it had been subject to some rough handling in the post and bucyrus 49hr a consequence there were a few loose pieces inside the box when opened. These were easily refixed in position.

One of the track links was broken and a new set of tracks was promptly provided by TWH. Included in the box is a small 20 page booklet which gives information about the 49HR and bucyrus 49hr the Bucyrus company. A double sided instruction leaflet is provided and it is very good, with clear photos and a listing of parts.

A useful plastic pick tool makes it easy to open the various doors on the model without needing long fingernails. Detail The metal tracks are very good and finely detailed and this level of detail continues to the track frames which have rivets and electrical wiring from the sprockets.

There are four stabilisers and these have large pads on the bucyrus 49hr of realistic hydraulic pistons.

Bucyrus 49HR Blasthole Drill Diecast Model

At bucyrus 49hr front of the body is the operator's cab and this is highly detailed with very good graphics on the outside. Inside there is an excellent console arrangement with bucyrus 49hr screens, equipment and operator's seat.

Outside the cab is a ladder leading to the cab roof where there is a number of spotlights and a fine air conditioning unit.