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Explore Nuria Martínez's board "Casa Esherick" on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Esherick house, Louis kahn and Case study. Este vídeo versa sobre Casa Esherick. Casa Esherick. Thalia Mejia Sanchez. Loading Unsubscribe. Fragmented windows in Esherick house []. Twitter logo · Facebook logo. inShare. Photo: JPMM (flickr). Architect: Louis Kahn. Place the.


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The project was commissioned by Margaret Esherick, single woman. Concept The house has a simple design with a central lobby featuring a staircase and a lounge area with a fireplace. The general shape of this two-story house is rectangular. However, the symmetrical articulation of the windows and entry readily reveal design concepts used earlier by Kahn in its casa esherick, institutional and public, where larger and smaller windows in the monumental facade create an impression in his overall composition.

CC_UI_Sostenibilidad_Análisis_Esherick House_201520

They cannot be opened, but they are accompanied by shutters for ventilation. In the living room, for example, the bookshelf at the front is divided in half by two narrow wooden shutters, one atop the other. Because there is no glass behind the shutters, they are kept closed in winter, creating a high wall that provides a sense of protection against the weather.

The window, which is not much wider than the chimney, permits only narrow glimpses through it. This window cannot be opened, and there are no shutters on this side of the house. The side wall to the left of the front door, the side with the kitchen downstairs casa esherick bathroom space upstairs, has a variety of small windows that can casa esherick opened for ventilation.

The rear of the house faces a garden adjacent to a wooded public park.


It has four large single-pane windows arranged in pairs, one window casa esherick above the other, one window per floor. One pair serves the two-story living room and the other serves the space with the dining room downstairs and the bedroom upstairs.

'Esherick House' by Louis Kahn in Philadelphia, PA (Google Maps)

Each pair creates a nearly uninterrupted expanse of glass reaching from the bottom of the casa esherick to the top. These windows cannot be opened. They are provided with cloth roll shades for protection against the sun.

They also reach from the bottom of the house to the top, and they can be opened and closed in any combination, creating an elaborate set of possible connections between casa esherick and outdoors. With the shutters open, the living and dining rooms have a completely open view into the back yard, and when all of the shutters and doors at the back of the house are open, most of the back wall seems to disappear.

The resulting deep window recesses have a moderating effect on sunlight and ventilation.