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A post and core is a dental restoration used to sufficiently build-up tooth cast post system Direct technique Indirect. Posts are inserted into root canals to help stabilize the teeth, but it has been found that endodontic posts actually weaken the dental root and increase the risk of. Jump to Cast post - In cases where the post space is not a good match for a prefabricated post, a cast post and core can be custom fabricated for the tooth.


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Procedure[ edit ] Post and cores divide into two main groups: Both of these systems employ a post that is placed within the root canal of cast post and core tooth being restored. Thus the tooth must first be endodontically treated.

The space that exists coronal to the remaining gutta percha, called the post space, is now available within which to place a post.

Post and core - Wikipedia

It is desirable to leave sufficient root filling material in the apical area to maintain an apical seal. This procedure does not even require local anesthesia as the tooth has long been dead after the root canal treatment and no pain is felt.

Post length[ edit ] The post on the left is a tapered post, the one on the right is a parallel post In post and core fabrication, it cast post and core desirable that the post descends at least two third of the length of root canal or not less than the height of the crown in order to provide sufficient retention.

Should these cast post and core canals not be blocked with the gutta percha and the cement used to place the gutta percha, the chances of microleakage and percolation of microbes are greatly increased, thereby increasing the likelihood of an endodontic failure.


It is not necessarily the length of the post within the root canal that provides for retention of the core, and thus the eventual crown, but rather the length of post that will exist within root structure that exists within surrounding bone. This consideration of crown-to-root cast post and core is essential when evaluating the tooth for a crown-lengthening procedure.

In the picture at right, the two teeth on the extreme left and right are the ones under discussion.

Fracture resistance of teeth restored with cast post and core: An in vitro study

The two teeth in the middle have been endodontically treated, but do not have post and cores. Prefabricated post[ edit ] Maxillary posterior teeth restored with prefabricated screw posts Prefabricated post and cores take less time cast post and core place, as they do not involve any lab work and can be inserted immediately upon the decision to utilize them, once the endodontic therapy has been completed and the post space cleared of gutta percha.

After the prefabricated post is cast post and core cemented into the post space, a core material, such as dental compositecan be packed around the cemented post.

After the material has been cured or has had a chance to set and properly formed into a crown preparation, an impression can be taken for the fabrication of a prosthetic crown.


Metal prefabricated post systems are being superseded by fibre -reinforced composite resin post systems which offer improved resistance to untreatable fracture of tooth substrate such as vertical root cast post and core. Cast post[ edit ] In cases where the post space is not a good match for a prefabricated post, a cast post and core can be cast post and core fabricated for the tooth.

A resin pattern is produced by placing a preformed plastic "burnout" post into the post space and a resin material, such as Duralay resin, is used to build up the tooth to the proper dimensions.

Cast Post and Core procedure

Where a metal post could be difficult to conceal a custom post made of zirconia oxide [ cast post and core needed ] can be made; its tooth colour leaves less of a shadow under the final restoration.

Alternatively, an impression can be taken of the post space and dental arch using a plastic post and a polyvinyl siloxane impression material, and this used to construct a suitable post in the dental laboratory.

Cervical ferrule preparation was done for Group A, and Group B was prepared without any cervical ferrule. Specimens with ferrule Group A had significantly higher shear bond strength values mean Inclusion of ferrule in tooth preparations for posts increased the fracture resistance regardless of the luting agent.

Cast posts and cores, ferrule, fracture resistance The size and shape of the cast post and core and core, the final preparation design of the tooth, and the kind of luting agent used influence tooth resistance to fracture.

When properly designed, the custom-made post can conform to a canal of any shape to provide maximum retention and allow a more even distribution of stresses throughout the tooth structure.