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Los elevados coeficientes de variación evidenciaron amplia variabilidad entre y dentro de introducciones para los caracteres de importancia agronómica y. El Coeficiente de variación (CV) es una medida de la dispersión relativa de un conjunto de datos, que se obtiene dividiendo la desviación. e interindividual, expresados en términos de coeficientes de variación (CVI y resultados; Para seleccionar el mejor especímen (el de menor variabilidad).


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However, the author is unaware of any reports on the use of spatially-adjusted means for stability analysis in any crop system.

COEFICIENTE DE VARIACIÓN by Ximena Castro on Prezi

The analyses detailed in this study were designed to i evaluate the spatial variability in safflower field trials, ii study the adaptation of these lines using some stability parameters coeficiente de variabilidad mean grain yields of safflower after coeficiente de variabilidad for spatial variability and iii suggest selections made using this approach amongst 25 varieties from 13 field test environments.

The individual trials were conducted using a square lattice design with 2 replications.


The experiments were planted in the late autumn of each year just before the first frost in each region. Each genotype was sown in plots 9 m2 of 6 rows, 5-m long, with spacing of cm between rows. Each plot was harvested leaving 30 cm on both ends of the rows in coeficiente de variabilidad to exclude border effects.

Eighteen models covering a range of spatial patterns were generated for analyzing the grain yield from each trial Singh, The components of spatial patterns comprised factorial combinations of block structures, trends and structures for plot coeficiente de variabilidad Table 3.

The deviance is minus twice the REML log-likelihood ignoring a constant depending on the fixed terms. Since the maximum log-likelihood value is expected to increase with the number of parameters, this criterion decreases this value by introducing a penalty in terms of the number of unknown parameters of the variance-covariance of the error components.

Coeficiente de variación on Vimeo

Thus the AIC is based on a penalized log-likelihood, where the penalty increases with the number of variance-covariance parameters in the fitted spatial structure. A comparison of models with the same set of fixed effects was carried out using the AIC. When expressed coeficiente de variabilidad terms of the deviance values, this can be defined as: The model with the lowest AICD value was deemed to be the best, due to goodness of fit of that coeficiente de variabilidad over others Singh, The significance of the fixed linear trend was tested using the Wald statistic Genstat 5 committee, This is computed as the ratio of the squared estimate of the linear trend to its estimated variance and follows a chi-square distribution in the absence of a trend.

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For each trial, the best model was used to compute the efficiency of the method of analysis This was assessed by comparing the average variance of pair-wise genotype comparisons with that of a randomized complete block design with independent errors i. The best model was identified as describing the spatial variation coeficiente de variabilidad the data.

Finally, evaluations of the genotypes were made using a combination of the spatially adjusted best model and the stability analysis from the best linear unbiased estimates BLUEs. Where, Yij denotes the mean value of i-th genotype in the j-th environment.

RESULTS Spatial analysis of the data revealed no evidence for the existence of fixed errors in these trials since the Wald statistics were not significant across all environments environment 1 in Table 4.

Sodium set-point in haemodialysis: is it what we see clinically?

Hence, the best models were selected amongst the first 6 out of 18 models, which did not contain the fixed errors with regard to the AICD statistic.

Various statistics for environment 1 are shown in Table 4 in order to illustrate the process by which the best coeficiente de variabilidad was selected.

A summary of the best models along coeficiente de variabilidad their efficiency over the randomized complete block design for all environments are listed in Table 5. In the environments numbered 1, 2, 5, 6, 9 and 11, plot errors were found to be correlated either along rows or along both rows and columns.

Los perfiles de glucosa diarios contienen visualizaciones diarias individuales de los valores de glucosa para el rango de fechas seleccionado. Alto, En rango, Bajo, o Urgentemente bajo.


Promedio de glucosa El valor promedio de todas las lecturas de glucosa en el rango de fechas seleccionado. It refers to the changes which take place in the same patient when the study coeficiente de variabilidad performed under the same conditions. For example, at the same time of the day and under the same preparation conditions.

Pre-dialysis tests coeficiente de variabilidad out routinely: We only used the measurements carried out in the same week as the natraemia biochemical test and we measured: The coefficient of variation CV was 0. In a group of 59 patients, we measured natraemia using two methods: