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Disinvestments Mechanisms. The objective of a true venture capitalist is to sell off hid investment at substantial capital gains. But most venture funds in India aim to operate on commercial lines along with satisfying their developmental objectives. Earlier the government has approved the proposal of DIPAM for laying down the procedure and mechanism for strategic disinvestment of. The panel—a so-called alternative mechanism approved by the CCEA at a Strategic disinvestment implies the sale of a substantial portion of.


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For example, disinvestment mechanism company may determine that its industrial tool division is growing disinvestment mechanism and generating higher profit margins than its consumer tool division. If the difference in profitability of the two divisions is large enough, the company may consider selling the consumer division.

What do you mean by the term disinvestment mechanism

Disinvestment mechanism venture capital is generally not in a position to realize his investment before five to seven years. Buyback by promoters The most popular disinvestments route in India is shares buyback by promoters.

This route is suited to the Indian condition because it keeps the ownership and control of the promoter intact. The obvious value of the shares of the venture firm would have appreciated so much after some years that the promoter would not be in a financial position to buy them back.

In India, the promoters are invariably given the first option to buyback equity of their enterprises.

If the promoter fails to buyback the shares within the stipulated period, the VCF reserves the directions to divest them in any manner deemed appropriate. Click here for enlarge Minister for road transport and highways Nitin Gadkari and the ministers to whose departments CPSEs report will be members of the panel, which will decide on matters relating to terms and conditions disinvestment mechanism the strategic sale—from calling for expressions of disinvestment mechanism from potential buyers to inviting financial bids.

Strategic disinvestment implies the sale of a substantial disinvestment mechanism of government stake in a CPSE with transfer of management control. Several states and localities did pass legislation ordering the sale of such securities, most notably the city of San Francisco.

An array of celebrities, including singer Paul Simonactively supported the cause. Many conservatives opposed the disinvestment campaign, accusing its advocates of hypocrisy for not also proposing that the same sanctions be leveled on either the Soviet Union or the People's Republic of China.

Cabinet approves new mechanism to speed up strategic disinvestment

Ronald Reaganwho was the President of the United States during the time the disinvestment movement was at its peak, also opposed it, instead favoring a policy of " constructive engagement " with the Pretoria regime. If disinvestment mechanism the historical values of assets.


It is cost price disinvestment mechanism depreciation provided so far on assets. It does not reflect position of profitability. Profit Earning Capacity Value Method: The profit earning capacity is disinvestment mechanism based on the profits actually earned or anticipated. It is excess of earnings over expenditure.

It does not really indicate the intrinsic value of the enterprises. The Discounted Cash Flow Method: This technique is popularly used to evaluate viability of an investment proposal. In this method the future incremental cash flows are forecasted and discounted into present value by applying cost of capital rate.

This method indicates the intrinsic value of the enterprises. This method disinvestment mechanism a far more comprehensive and complicated method of reflecting the expected income flows to the investors.

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