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Since the first of Elena Ferrante's Neapolitan Novels was translated into English in , the coming-of-age books (and their candy-colored. My Brilliant Friend by Elena Ferrante, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. Over the past ten years, the translation into English of Elena Ferrante's novels—including Troubling Love, The Days of Abandonment, The Lost Daughter, and.


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The answers are mainly good elena ferrante The four elena ferrante following two friends Elena and Lila from their dirt-poor childhoods in postwar Naples have become an international publishing sensation, with millions of copies sold.

Her prose is crystal, and her storytelling both visceral and compelling.

‘My Brilliant Friend’ Director Hasn’t Met Elena Ferrante

Ferrante's books are enthralling self-contained monoliths that do not seek friendship but demand silent, fervid admiration from her passionate readers.

The thing most real in these novels is the intense, almost osmotic relationship that unites Elena and Lila, elena ferrante two girls from a neighborhood in Naples who are the peerless protagonists of the Neapolitan novels.

Elena Ferrante, alone, seems able to do it. There is no writer better suited elena ferrante composing the great Italian novel of her generation, her country, and her time than she.

Text Publishing — Elena Ferrante

In a world often held prisoner to minimalism, her writing is extremely powerful, earthy, and audacious. She does so with a style that recalls an enchanted spider web with its expressive power and elena ferrante wizardry with which it creates an entire world.


Elena ferrante gritty, ruthlessly frank novels roar off the page with a barbed fury, like an attack that is also a defense. Ferrante's fictions are fierce, unsentimental glimpses at the way a woman is constantly under threat, her identity submerged in marriage, eclipsed by motherhood, mythologised by desire.

Imagine if Jane Austen got angry and you'll have some idea of how explosive these works are.

My Brilliant Friend journeys fearlessly into some of that murkier psychological territory where questions of individual identity are inextricable from circumstance and the ever-changing identities of others. Santagata's paper drew on philological analysis of Ferrante's writing, close study of the details about the cityscape of Pisa described in the novel, and the fact that the author reveals an expert knowledge of modern Italian politics.

Based on this information, he concluded that the author had lived in Pisa but left byand therefore identified the probable author as Neapolitan professor Marcella Marmo, who studied in Pisa from to It elena ferrante like slipping into old shoes that they keep you grounded.