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Eye Gaze Packages for Schools. Set-up eye gaze systems for early learning and beyond. Computer access using eye gaze control with software designed to develop eye gaze skills, and later for computer access. Eyegaze communication in action. The PACE Centre. Loading Unsubscribe from The PACE Centre? Cancel. ERICA (Eye-gaze Communication Computer System) The ERICA (Eye-gaze Communication Computer System) is a Windows based computer system that can be controlled through a mouse, switches, touchscreen, head control or most particularly, eye pointing.


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Eye-gaze control technology

Software that can be controlled with eye-gaze control technology is available to suit a wide range of learning styles and abilities. Software can range from games to help children and adults develop visual tracking skills to support their use of the eye gaze system, through eye gaze communication system more complex computer control to communicate or control other devices such as a TV.

Equipment These systems require an eye-gaze camera attached to a computer or tablet, as well as software. In addition, the person will need a mounting system for their wheelchair or a table of a suitable height to eye gaze communication system the computer and eye-gaze control system.


Comfortable seating and good posture are important, as the person needs to be comfortable and well-supported to be able to use the eye-gaze control system. Take a team approach Communication between the person with cerebral palsy, their family, specialist therapists, school and other carers is essential if eye gaze communication system person is to benefit from eye-gaze control technology.

ERICA (Eye-gaze Communication Computer System)

Ongoing eye gaze communication system from parents, therapists, teachers, carers and others will be necessary to support the use of eye-gaze control technology to its full potential and in different environments.

Things to note It takes time, practice and patience for people with cerebral palsy to develop the skills needed to use an eye gaze control system effectively Extra consideration may be needed when planning eye-gaze eye gaze communication system technology for people with cerebral palsy with vision problems such as strabismus eyes do not point in the same direction The communication partners of people using eye-gaze control technology will require education to enable them to fully support the user Consider the costs involved, and the equipment, resources and time needed to set up an eye-gaze control system and get support If users plan on using their system outside, another communication method may be needed, as eye-gaze control technology systems can be difficult to operate in sunlight This technology may also be called gaze interaction, gaze-based assistive technology and eye control.


Assessments A detailed assessment by an occupational therapist or speech pathologist with knowledge of assistive technology and eye-gaze control systems is necessary to see if eye-gaze control technology is likely to be the right option for an individual.

If so, the therapist will recommend a trial of eye-gaze control technology to work out if it will meet their goals. These goals could include eye gaze communication system eye-gaze control technology for communication and completing everyday activities at home, school, in the community or at work.

The therapist eye gaze communication system then recommend systems and software to suit the person and then assist them to master the device. The therapist will also make sure the person is optimally positioned and comfortably seated, and educate their family, carers, teachers and others in how to use the eye-gaze control system.

The following assessments may be used by the team to evaluate the use of eye-gaze control technology: Who is it useful eye gaze communication system


eye gaze communication system Anyone who may find accessing a computer or communication aid difficult using standard or other access methods. What can you do with it? Communicate - using eye enabled software such as Tobii Communicator 4 and The Grid 2.

ERICA (Eye-gaze Communication Computer System) - Assist Ireland

Such software offers a wide range of symbol and text based vocabularies. The eye gaze is configured to snap to buttons on grids, making eye gaze easy to use.

The Tobii Eye gaze communication system and I with Eye Gaze Interaction offer powerful, portable, individual communication solutions that also include environmental control, Bluetooth and Internet capabilities. Assess, play and learn - anything you would normally use a mouse to access, you can access with your eyes, and that is almost all software!

Eyegaze Edge Communication System

Looking around the screen will move the mouse cursor accordingly, stare at a point on the screen or blink to click. Such freedom enables eye gaze students the opportunity to use the same software as classmates, play their favourite games and even access their favourite websites.

For those on their first steps with eye gaze, Inclusive Eye GazeSensory Eye-FX and Look to Learn software eye gaze communication system been specially created to provide progressive, fun, easy to play activities to get you started.