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Oriental Religions in Roman Paganism, by Franz Cumont, at Keywords: Franz Cumont; Oriental religions; Oriental cults; ancient mystery cults. Note: Tento text vznikl s podporou grantu Grantové agentury České republiky. Franz-Valéry-Marie Cumont was a Belgian archaeologist and historian, a philologist and student of epigraphy, who brought these often isolated specialties to.


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Franz Cumont - Wikipedia

In the Franz cumont Library, Brussels, observed the fiftieth anniversary of Cumont's death appropriately, with a colloquium on syncretism in the Mediterranean world of Antiquity.

In the Belgian publisher Brepols started an edition of Cumont's collected works. Scripta Maiora et Scripta Minora, ed.


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Franz Cumont | Belgian archaeologist |

When in that year the Belgian minister of education, a member of the Catholic party and a supporter of the church, refused to appoint him to the chair of history of religions, Cumont, a man of independent means, left Belgium for Paris and then Rome, where he devoted the rest of his life to intensive study of the religions franz cumont imperial Rome.

After his death his extensive library was bequeathed to the Accademia Belgica in Rome. Cumont's other work of prime interest to students of the ancient faiths, Les religions orientales dans le paganisme romain, appeared inwas revised and issued in a second edition inand is now presented in English in the following pages.

Cumont is an ideal contributor to knowledge in his chosen field.

As an investigator, he combines in one person Teutonic thoroughness and Franz cumont intuition. As a writer, his virtues are no less pronounced.


Recognition of his mastery of an enormous array of detailed learning followed immediately on the publication p. He is also the literary architect who builds up his franz cumont into well-ordered and graceful structure.

Cumont is an interpreter.

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In The Mysteries of Mithra he franz cumont into circulation, so to speak, the coin of the ideas he had minted in the patient and careful study of Textes et Monuments; and in the studies of The Oriental Religions he is giving to the wider public the interpretation of the larger and more comprehensive body of knowledge of which his acquaintance with the religion of Mithra is only a part, and against which as a background it stands.

What his book The Mysteries of Franz cumont is to his special knowledge of Mithraism, The Oriental Religions is to his knowledge of the whole field.

He is thus an example of the highest type of franz cumont exhaustive searcher after evidence, and the sympathetic interpreter franz cumont mediates between his subject and the lay intellectual life of his time.

And yet, admirable as is M.