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Ghazwatul Fikr Serangan Pemikiran What Bukti 1. Bukti 2 “Kita tak akan dapat kalahkan orang Islam selagi mereka rapat dengan kitab. Ghazwatul Fikr. By The Travellers · Updated about 3 years ago. Already tagged. 9. Already tagged. 2. Other Albums. 'Bismillahirohmanirrohim. InsyaAllah esok. There has been enormous hue and cry over Ghazwa-tul-Hind for years. Zaid Hamid, the mouth-piece of ISI and Pakistan Army has been making use of Ghazwa-tul-Hind (6 hadees in total), India ki fikr kya karni?


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In this day and age what would govern the relations of Muslims and followers of other religions, are the international treaties and covenants that ensure the state security, peace and freedom of belief for all human beings.

Hence, the use of such hadith for political or military motives is discouraged. If we suppose them to be reliable they talk about an even that has happened already.

ghazwatul fikr

~I'm a lover of His benovelence and severity~-Rumi: Ghazwatul Fikr

They do not talk about Pakistanis fighting Indians. They talk about Arabs on an expedition to India and conquering it. Even if these ahadith were authentic, and they are indeed found in reliable books, they have nothing to do with any ghazwatul fikr of an Indo-Pak war. The ghazwatul fikr important thing to note is that Abu Huraira, the companion-narrator is suggesting that it was something that was about to happen during his lifetime.

The third important matter to note is that a message as important as the one mentioned in these narratives is described in all different versions through only one companion.

Ghazwatul Fikr by ummu izzati mohd ali on Prezi

Clearly, if the message was important, there should have been several narrators mentioning it. This message therefore cannot be employed as an excuse to fight against India. We can fight against India or any other nation only if conditions of Jihad are satisfied, which are: Naeem bin Hammad in Kitab-al-Fattan The name of one of the ravi is missing from the chain of ghazwatul fikr, hence this is to be ignored technically Hadees No.

Naeem bin Hammad in Kitab-al-Fattan Sources: He can be contacted on w. Wright, and the Rev. Montgomery were chosen to work with him.

Montgomery died of fever caught whilst visiting in his English parish, so only Mr. Wright with their wives and children sailed for Borneo in November They did not reach Kuching until June, They were warmly welcomed by the English residents, and by the Rajah's arrangement were housed in a large building erected by a German Missionary who had been recalled, and of which the lower part was now used as a court-house, In the rooms above, the two missionaries and their families lived for some months.

A godless society hungry for recognition and approval.

Ghazwatul Fikr

A beggar trying to impress a pauper. Ramai yang terperangkap dalam kebodohan yang disangkanya kepandaian.


Kebijaksanaan yang dicedok dari ghazwatul fikr yang mengajar mensyirikkan tuhan. Hasil kebijaksanaan ini ialah ketidakpuasan yang tiada berkesudahan.

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Serangan pemikiran yang disisipkan sedikit demi sedikit melalui sistem pendidikan, ghazwatul fikr apatahlagi hiburan telah mematikan akal kita. Hilangnya kebolehan membezakan haq dan bathil telah melumpuhkan daya fikiran anak adam.

Yang tinggal cumalah pakar-pakar pemikiran anak setan. Idealisme-idealisme yang tampak sungguh menarik kerana dikaitkan dengan kemajuan dan pemikiran progresif. Hak-hak manusia lebih utama daripada hak tuhan.

Aku ghazwatul fikr, kau ada, tuhan tiada.