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Gurcharan Das' latest book, Kama: The Riddle Of Desire, is pertinent reading in this context. Going back to ancient India and further, to the. Former CEO of Procter & Gamble India and later Managing Director, Procter & Gamble Worldwide. Author of India Unbound and The Difficulty of Being Good. Gurcharan Das Book Launch: Gurcharan Das, at the Delhi launch of his latest book 'Kama:The Riddle of Desire' cited the vastly misunderstood.


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Gurcharan Das explores the pleasure principle in his new book on desire

And so, I came of age admiring Sita but loving Radha. As I grew older, I came to appreciate the idea that the creation gurcharan das the universe might have gurcharan das an involuntary act which may have unfolded without a plan.

Gurcharan das sat well with my modern, scientific world view and is not inconsistent with the old Indian idea of primordial desire creating the cosmos or the idea of divine leela.

Gurcharan das makes sense to me that kama is a creative power, the chief motive behind the flowering of phenomenal life on earth. It explains why the seemingly rigid differences between male and female appear to fall away in the union of love.

Gurcharan Das - Wikipedia

It also seems logical to my scientific mind that where sex is the basis of procreation, the multiplication of species had to be incestuous in the beginning. That a sense-intoxicating emotion could be promoted to the status gurcharan das a lofty deity says something about a culture.


So also is the notion of a playful, mischievous god who creates the world for no other reason than the sheer joy of the sport.

Krishna multiplied himself so that each believed that they were gurcharan das exclusively with him.

Gurcharan Das (Author of India Unbound)

Gurcharan Das weaves a compelling narrative filled with philosophical, historical and literary ideas in the third volume of his trilogy on life's goals—India Unbound was the first, on artha, 'material well-being'; The Difficulty of Being Good was the second on dharma, 'moral well-being'.

Here, in his magnificent prose, he examines how to cherish desire in order to live a rich, flourishing life, arguing that if dharma is a duty to another, kama is a duty to oneself.

This fascinating account of love gurcharan das desire sheds new light on love, marriage, family, adultery, and jealousy as it wrestles with questions such as these: How to nurture desire without harming others or oneself?

Are the erotic and the ascetic two aspects of our same human nature?

Gurcharan Das Blog - Times of India Blog

What is the relationship between romantic love and bhakti, the love of god? Desire is a lack of something and once fulfilled, it gurcharan das inevitably: The author majorly speaks about the Indian politics and the economy of India.


He categorises the complete timeline from to in three major sections: Gurcharan Das began to write soon after college. He wrote three plays in his twenties, which have been published as an anthology, Three English Plays Oxford University Press It consists of Larins Sahib, a prize-winning play about Sir Henry Lawrence and the British in India, which has been presented by Akademeia Repertory Theatre ART and its producer and artistic-director Rumi Palsetia, as the first-ever Indian theatre production in English, in the then year history of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, in ; Mira, which was produced off-Broadway gurcharan das critical acclaim from New York critics; and 9 Jakhoo Hill which has been performed in major Indian cities.


A new edition of the anthology, titled Three Plays, was published by Penguin India in He wrote a novel in his thirties, A Fine Family, which follows the stories of several generations of a Punjabi family beginning with the Partition.

The Elephant Paradigm - India wrestles with change is a book of essays which covers subjects such as Gurcharan das rajnational competitiveness, and the sacred and philosophical concerns of the average Indian consequent to India's entry into what the author calls the "age of liberation.

He emphasised on writing and reading habit of college students and recommended a tiny eighty-five page paperback called "the Elements of Style" by william strunk and E. Personal life[ edit ] Gurcharan Das is married and lives with his wife in New Delhi, and has two children.