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Bangla Islamic Documentary Video, Science and Islam. Dr Zakir Naik ডঃ জাকির নাইক. Loading Unsubscribe from Dr Zakir. সুলাইমানের পিঁপড়া Bangla Islamic Cartoon Film we Upload very best and famous Islamic story, Islamic Song, Islamic Lecture and best. Miracle places in Islam / historical places in Islam. Historical places in Islam,Bangla(1 of 20). mmrony.


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Armstrong suggests they may have been concerned about the power that Abu Jahl would gain from crushing the Muslims.

Bengali Muslims

The Banu Hashim tribe wanted to leave, but was threatened by Abu Jahl to stay. List of participants at the Battle of Badr At midnight on 13 March, the Quraish broke camp and marched into the valley of Badr.

It had rained the previous day and they struggled to move their horses and camels up the hill of 'Aqanqal.

After they descended from 'Aqanqal, the Meccans set up another camp inside the valley. While they rested, they sent out a scout, Umayr ibn Wahb to reconnoitre the Muslim lines. Umayr islamic history bangla that Muhammad's army was small, and that there were no other Muslim reinforcements which might join the battle.

Kafela [Bangla] Islamic Documentary P1 of 14 - Video Dailymotion

Three of the Medinan Ansar emerged from the Muslim ranks, only to be shouted back by the Meccans, who were nervous about starting any unnecessary feuds and only wanted to fight the Quraishi Muslims, keeping the dispute within clan.

So Hamza approached forward and called on Ubayda and Ali to join him. The Muslims dispatched the Meccan champions in a three-on-three melee. The first fight was between Ali and Walid ibn Utba ; Ali killed his opponent.

Hamza killed Utba; however, Ubayda was mortally wounded by Shaybah. Ali and, according to some sources, Hamza as well killed Shaybah. Is it not the house which God commanded Moses to order his people to deliver, yet none obeyed him but two islamic history bangla

Bengali Muslims - Wikipedia

Wherefore He waxed wroth against them, and cast them into the wilderness in punishment for their disobedience. Give therefore praises unto God for having helped you to the fulfillment of your resolutions in an undertaking from which the children of Israel, His chosen people, recoiled; and for having prospered you in an attempt wherein the nations of former ages failed; and for having made you of one opinion after you were divided; and for having enabled you to speak of this as a past event, when before you spoke of it only as an event to come.

Receive our congratulations, inasmuch as God has mentioned your conduct to those near Him, and has made you His own troops after you have been troops in the service of your passions. Therefore, with the help islamic history bangla God, preserve this gift which you have obtained, and protect this favor which islamic history bangla have received, by living in the fear of God, that fear which saves him who holds unto it and delivers from danger him who clings thereto.

  • Battle of Badr - Wikipedia
  • Battle of Badr

Beware the seductions of your passions. Avoid falling into perdition, or turning back from the path of righteousness, or recoiling before an enemy.

Seize islamic history bangla opportunity for removing the annoyances which still subsist in the land. Fight the good fight in the cause of God, and devote yourselves, O servants of God, to His will, for He has made of you His chosen servants.

Lost Islamic History – Bringing back Islamic History

Beware lest Satan cause you to slip and lead you into rebellion; making you imagine that this victory was owing to your sharp swords, your islamic history bangla steeds, and your intrepidity in battle.

Victory comes not but from the Mighty, the Wise. Maintain the holy war: Protect His religion and He will protect you. Remember Islamic history bangla, and He will remember you. Thank Him, and He will give you an increase of favors and reward you.


Islamic history bangla to expel the evil, and tear up the enemy by the root. Purify the rest of the land from this filth which has angered God and His Apostle.

Lop off the branches of infidelity and cut through its roots.