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Matthew Lister will talk part in the discussion on Public Space with Parsons DESIS Lab + LMHQ in New York April 24, Gehl's Public Life service helps clients measure how public space is performing .. Gehl team: Jan Gehl, David Sim, Henriette Vamberg and Birgitte Bundesen. Gehl develop Public Space Public Life Strategies (PSPL) for cities, based on analysis of existing public life, and quality of public space infrastructure.


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Jan Gehl. Public space public life

Through public life measurements and simple public space prototyping, we learned that thousands of daily office workers, university students, and hospital goers visit, work, and study downtown, yet downtown Akron has very little public life and street activity to show for it.

Finally, we have jan gehl public spaces with Municipalities in Europe to provide strategic advice on the future improvements of city centres from a public space and public life perspective.

This work include Bern where the focus was on how to provide a contemporary public space framework in a historic setting without losing the identity and character, as well as Sofia where we worked closely with the municipality and a local NGO Placemake to develop the thinking on how Sofia could be improved for active mobility and recreational purposes in the years to come.

Three books The research work of Jan Gehl over a period of thirty years is marked by three books.

Using Public Space jan gehl public spaces a work of a methodical nature on his observations of social activities in the urban public space, developed through research conducted during the s.

Published in many languages and reprinted several times, it represents today, twenty years after its first English edition, a fundamental point of reference for those concerned with urban design.


Even though it involves practical concerns, this book is not a manual or if so, only in the widest senseneither for its structure and even less so for jan gehl public spaces way in which it examines problems, and is never based upon pure logic.

The book puts forward an ordered series of observations on the urban environment and on environmental factors that have an influence upon the use of public spaces, using forms of jan gehl public spaces life and the spatial characteristics of places as a starting point for reflection.

The author reflects around various particularly dense and fertile thematic arguments with lucidity and clarity of expression.

Public Space - Gehl

Today these effects have increased the vitality of social practices and improved the habitability of the public space.

The second part of the book has a methodical collection of 39 examples of public pedestrian spaces or spaces jan gehl public spaces pedestrian priority, described by way of a unified grid. In recent years we have seen how this balance in many cities has been greatly upset by a number of factors especially the expansion of car traffic.

Invaded, abandoned and reconquered cities Different cities have applied very different policies concerning people activities in the city centers and the design concepts for their public spaces. A number of cities with very different policies concerning public spaces will be examined.

Many cities in North American are by now in a situation where public life is non-existent.

In many of these jan gehl public spaces can be found an impressive increase in the volumes of people activities in the improved public spaces. Changing street life in a changing society In the reconquered cities and public spaces can be found a public life dramatically different from the activities, which could find room in the invaded cities.

In the automobile occupied spaces only the most necessary activities were found.

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In the reconquered spaces a much wider and joyful array of human activities can be found. This is quite understandable, because there are better opportunities and more room for people now. If however the activities in the cities are seen over jan gehl public spaces longer period, a distinct change in the character of city activities becomes clear.

Four illustrations from the Main Street of Copenhagen illustrate this point. The Street as predominately work place; most people seen are working, transporting goods, or selling things.

Jan Gehl. Public space public life - Planum - The journal of Urbanism

Jan gehl public spaces Street as predominantly traffic place; pedestrians are squeezed into the narrow sidewalks where only walking is possible. The Street as predominantly shopping mall; the street is now pedestrianized since following a basic concept of providing better conditions for the customers.

Street life is dominated by this concept. People are shopping and window-shopping.