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Lightroom 5 Keyboard Shortcuts Page 1 of 6. Michael J. Hoffman. Lightroom 5 Keyboard Shortcuts. Jump to Keys for rating and filtering photos - Set star rating. 1 - 5. 1 - 5. Set star rating and go to next photo. Shift + 1 - 5. Shift + 1 - 5. Remove star rating. 0.‎Keys for working with panels · ‎Keys for comparing photos. With this set of keyboard shortcuts for Lightroom, it will no doubt speed up tasks My name is Jamie Spencer and I have spent the past 5 years.


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There are times when we need to narrow down the selected images even more. This is particularly true when there are several images that are very similar. There may be only lightroom 5 shortcut keys variations, such as a smile or facial expression, sharpness, or subtle changes in the light, from one image to the next.

20 Need-to-Know Lightroom Shortcuts to Speed Up Your Workflow

Instead of scrolling through the filmstrip and looking at each image individually, try using the survey mode to compare the images.

You do this by selecting all of the images you want to compare, then hitting N on the keyboard. Survey Mode will display all of the selected images at once lightroom 5 shortcut keys the screen, so you can decide which one s are best.

You continue this process of elimination until you are left with the clear winning image. Hide Panels This may not directly speed up your workflow, but sometimes it's nice to work with a clean slate, without a lot of distractions around an image.

This is especially true when scrolling through images or using the Survey Mode to make image selections. You can hide the side panels using the Tab key.

View Full Screen From any of the modules within Lightroom, you can cycle the full-screen mode for a selected image by pressing the F key.


Doing this fills the screen with your selected image and lightroom 5 shortcut keys out the Lightroom interface. This is a great way to get a good feel for how an image is looking as you are moving through the editing process.

Keyboard shortcuts for Lightroom Classic CC

Lights Out Mode This is very similar to the full-screen mode, but doesn't completely fill the screen with the image. Use this shortcut with an image selected and in loupe view within the Library or Develop Module.

Pressing the L key once will gray out the surrounding Lightroom interface to remove the distractions. Pressing the L key twice will black out the surrounding screen and really make your image stand out. Pressing the L key a third time will take you back to normal view. Add to Collection Using Collections in Lightroom is a great way to lightroom 5 shortcut keys your very best images from a shoot in a separate folder for easy access.

Keep in mind that this will not move the image files around on your hard drive, but rather creates another reference for them in a lightroom 5 shortcut keys place within Lightroom. Collections can be created and viewed from within the Library or the Develop modules.

As lightroom 5 shortcut keys move through your images, you need a quick way to designate select images to be put into a Collection that you create. The slow and cumbersome way of doing this is to simply drag the image into the folder in the Collections panel.

There is a much faster and easier way.

Then, as you navigate through you images, if there is one you want to add lightroom 5 shortcut keys that Collection, just press B on the keyboard. This is a very fast way to build up a Collection of the best images from a shoot.

Keyboard shortcuts

Just keep in mind that you will need to change the Target Collection for the next shoot. Rather than editing each photo individually, you can save time by editing one photo and applying those same develop settings to the remaining photos.

If I have 5 other similar photos of that flower, rather than adjusting the Contrast, Clarity, and Vibrance on each photo separately, I can copy the develop settings on the first photo and paste lightroom 5 shortcut keys the remaining 5.


A window will come up asking you which settings you would like copied. In most cases you will leave it as is and click Copy.