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Maarten Vorwerk Talks About Ghost Producing. 31/01/ Ghost Producer News. Ghost Producer Secrets, Ghost Producing Secrets, Maarten Vorwerk Tips. To producers he's been an icon ever since his famous “Vorwerk Tip Of The Week” series, helping out beginning producers and talents all over. Dutch-bred and now Aruba-based EDM machine Maarten Vorwerk is well-known behind the scenes for being involved with a lot of Beatport.


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But while promoting it and listening to the old songs, I got inspired to create new music again also.

Maarten Vorwerk Tips Archives | Ghost Producer Services

Peaking in Dutch and International Charts, being nominated for award after award. I think people considered it as something fresh and new. Maarten vorwerk tips it took like 6 months and a lot of radio plugging to get it on radio for the first time.

When that finally happened the station got so many messages and phone calls that they decided to put in on the playlist. From there it just took off like a rocket.


I needed to make a follow up soon and produced Freefall, which ended maarten vorwerk tips at Number 1 in the Dutch Top 40 within 2 weeks. So when they would perform I could work on new music.

Biggest show was probably Koninginnedag museumplein with Well on paper, Ruthless was also involved.


Back then we were friends and I had to involve him due to contractual obligations towards our publisher and record company. I loved that remix.

Maarten Vorwerk unveils unique book of over 'Vorwerk Tips' | We Rave You

They still organise a lot of gatherings and they have taken the dance to a whole maarten vorwerk tips level which you can not imagine. Set an arrangement for the track. I always use color-coded blocks that tell me at which part I am in the song. That way you can easily shift between the parts in your track.

Make sure you save the individual mix maarten vorwerk tips on the sounds you love or bounce them as audio so maarten vorwerk tips can use them again in future tracks. This helps you to keep improving your mixing since you will always be starting where the last track ended.

This also helps to create your own signature style. Try to make 2 or 3 good ones and only use those in the track.

10 Music Production Tips From The Ghost Producer, Maarten Vorwerk

So mute the effects from maarten vorwerk tips vst synthesizers. This will make the track less blurry. Take a sub kick. Stretch it by half the tempo, 4 times over. Add a down pitchbend.