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The network, and information derived from it, is used for overall planning of a project and also for detailed planning with production progress control.

The network gives a logical, graphical representation of the project, showing the individual elements of work and their interrelation in the planned order of merchant ship construction taylor. Each element of work is represented by an arrow, the tail of which is the starting point of activity and its head the completion.

Ship construction

The arrows are drawn to any suitable scale and may be straight or curved. An event, which represents the completion of one activity and the beginning of another, is usually indicated by a circle and described further by a number within the circle.


But each activity need not be completed before the next activity is begun. The logical order of steelwork in a hull, for example, is: These operations can be represented on a ladder type of diagram. Many such diagrams—ladder and other types—go toward making up the complete aggregate operation of building a ship.

When the proper sequence of operations is decided upon, times merchant ship construction taylor be allocated to each operation to ensure that the workers in charge understand their obligations. merchant ship construction taylor

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Planning, based on realistic estimates of times and costs, must begin at the precontract stage, so that, throughout the building program, a clear plan, with scheduled dates for each major section, is available.

Detailed networks must be prepared for each of the major sections, showing dates for completion. The earliest and latest permissible starting and finishing times are indicated for each activity. The critical path of a project is a series of activities whose duration cannot be increased without delaying the completion of the project as a whole.

Merchant ship construction taylor large networks there may be more than one critical path.

Up to about activities can be dealt with manually but, for more complex cases, the numerical work is done by computer. The spare time available for a series of activities—i.

Merchant Ship Construction

Intelligent and experienced use of critical path methods can provide information of great value. Savings in production costs depend upon the use that management makes of this information.

From contract to working plans Before an order is placed, the main technical qualities of the merchant ship construction taylor are decided upon and a general-arrangement drawing of the vessel, showing the disposition of cargo, fuel, and ballast, and crew and passenger accommodation is prepared.

This plan provides a complete picture of the finished vessel.

All categories

It is accompanied by detailed specifications of hull and machinery. This general-arrangement plan and the specifications form the basis of the contract between shipowner and shipbuilder.


As soon as an order is confirmed, drawing offices and planning departments produce working merchant ship construction taylor and instructions. Since ships are usually constructed according to the rules of a classification society, the stipulated structural plans are normally submitted to the society for approval.

The spacing of bulkheads in passenger ships, for example, must be approved by the appropriate authority. For all ships, passenger and cargo, the approval of the maximum permissible draft must be sought from the classification society. Necessary working drawings include the lines plan and detailed plans of the merchant ship construction taylor structure—shell plating, decks, erections, bulkheads, and framing—as well as accommodation spaces, plumbing, piping, and electrical installations, and main and auxiliary machinery layout.

Merchant Ship Construction (Taylor) (4th, )

The planning and production department prepares a detailed progress schedule, fixing dates for the completion of various stages in the construction. A berth in the yard is allocated to the ship, arrangements for the requisite materials, labour, personnel, and machines are made, and precautions are taken merchant ship construction taylor ensure that the many interrelated operations will progress according to the timetable.

Wood templates were then prepared from the scrive board and steel plates marked off and cut to size. A later alternative to the full-scale scrive board, introduced about and widely adopted, was a photographic method of marking off.