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Independent information about the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormons). Bill McKeever is the founder of Mormonism Research Ministry in El Cajon, California, and the author of Answering Mormons' Questions. Eric Johnson also works. Response to claims made in "Mormonism " by Bill McKeever and Eric Johnson. Jump to Subtopic: Introduction to Mormonism Back to School by David.


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Mormonism Examining the Religion of the Latter-Day Saints by Bill McKeever

Utilizing quotes from LDS sources, including the Standard Works, General Conferences, and Church Manuals, this book will help you better understand the ins and outs of the LDS religion and mormonism 101 material that will help every Christian effectively share his or her faith.

Finally, there are three study questions at the end of each chapter, with a Study Guide developed by Eric Johnson to help a leader teach this book in a group setting. What others are saying about Mormonism In this matter we differ from traditional creedal Christianity, but we do feel we agree with the New Testament.

We believe that God loves all His children and that He would never leave them for long without the instrumentality of prophets and apostles, authorized agents of His guidance and direction. The Book of Mormon and other canonized scripture, as well as the role of living oracles, witnesses to the fact that God continues to speak.

It is different from all other man-made powers and authorities on the face of the earth.


Mostly, they demonstrated misunderstanding of my faith, having observed it from the outside. I wonder if mormonism 101 is a similar dynamic related to this book.

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  • Mormonism 101: What is Mormonism?
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  • Mormonism 101: Examining the Religion of the Latter-Day Saints

This is not a sympathetic take on Mormonism. Not even a sympathetic-critical take.


This is a critical look at where Mormonism is wrong and occasionally the authors tone bothered me and definitely would bother me if I was a Mormon reader. That caveat aside, for my purposes, I think this is a helpful resource to have around and will likely refer to when I'm next Mormonism 101 conversation with a Mormon.

In several places, it helped me clear up some of my own misconceptions of Mormon beliefs and I think it is on point on many of mormonism 101 issues especially the Mormon concept of God and humanity. I give this four stars. Notice of material connection: The First Presidency consisting of the president or prophet of the Church and his two counselors and members of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles receive inspiration to guide the Church as a whole.

Individuals are also inspired with revelation regarding how to conduct their lives and help serve others.

What is Mormonism? Overview of Mormon Beliefs – Mormonism

All mormonism 101 are daughters of a loving Heavenly Father. Women and men are equal in the sight of God. In the family, a wife and a husband form an equal partnership in leading and raising a family.

While worthy men hold the priesthood, worthy women serve as leaders, counselors, missionaries, teachers, and in many other mormonism 101 routinely preach from the pulpit and lead congregational prayers in worship services.

Mormonism | Mormonism Research Ministry

They serve both in the Church and in their local communities and contribute to the world as leaders mormonism 101 a variety of professions. Their vital and unique contribution to raising children is considered an important responsibility and a special privilege of equal importance to priesthood responsibilities.

Latter-day Saints believe that God wants us to become like Him. But this teaching is often misrepresented by those who caricature mormonism 101 faith.