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Numeros transreais: Sobre a NoCao de distancia A teoria cantoriana dos números transfinitos: sua relação com o pensamento analógico-. Transfinite numbers are numbers that are "infinite" in the sense that they are larger than all finite numbers, yet not necessarily absolutely infinite. The term. Read the latest magazines about Cantor and discover magazines on


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Transfinite number - Wikipedia

On Borges's pesky Aleph. Retrieved Sep 22 from https: The symbol on the cover looked weird and the name sounded strange: Whatever it meant, and however you pronounced it, the "ph" at the end didn't help matters.

This was Buenos Aires in Couldn't the man just write in plain and simple Castilian, and stop bothering readers with his foreign names and illegible signs? Este, como es sabido, es el de la primera letra del alfabeto de la lengua sagrada. Su aplicacion al disco de mi historia no parece casual.

Para la Cabala, esa letra significa el En Soph, la ilimitada y pura divinidad; tambien se dijo que tiene la forma de un hombre que senala el cielo y la tierra, para indicar que el mundo inferior es el espejo y es el mapa del superior; para numeros transfinitos Mengenlehre, es el simbolo de los numeros transfinitos transfinitos" OC There was Borges with his foreign name games again!

At least numeros transfinitos now had some inkling of where the "sacred" squiggle came from, and what it stood for--Hebrew, Cabala, En Soph. And at least you numeros transfinitos an idea of why his friend Attilio Rossi, the artist and boss at Losada, put that circle with the shining rays on top of the Aleph thingamajig in his illustration for the cover.


But the jury was right when it rejected Borges for the National Literary Prize back in Then he'd pulled his Hebraic letter fantasies in "La muerte y la brujula," something about the Tetragrammaton, JHVH, God's unpronounceable Hebrew four-letter name, and the serial murders of Jews.

You'd almost think that he was talking about numeros transfinitos was going numeros transfinitos right here with Ernesto Palacios's aka Ernst Palast's fascist thugs and their ilk OC Yet how could the jury give the award to such bizarre works that confounded even the savviest reader, so full of cerebral twists and turns, so dehumanized.

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  • On Borges's pesky Aleph.

Over time, lashon haqodesh accrued clusters of meaning: Over space, lashon haqodesh spread west across the Mediterranean, through that collection of canonized texts known as the Hebrew Bible, transmitted by Judaism numeros transfinitos its offspring, Christianity.

To the east, Islam adopted and adapted the concept of lashon haqodesh to Hebrew's close relation, Arabic and the Holy Qur'an. In his study on the origin and spread of the aleph in antiquity, and its importance in Borges, Brotherston strangely makes no mention of the Hebrew language or the Hebrew Bible.


Lashon haqodesh eventually crossed the English Channel into Britannia, where Protestant culture fostered a deep regard for the Holy Writ.

Alguien citaba una sentencia biblica y ella daba inmediatamente el capitulo y el versiculo" The availability of numeros transfinitos did not diminish veneration for lashon haqodesh.

Here is Borges again: Yo hubiera querido estudiar hebreo. Numeros transfinitos verdad es que senti que era un idioma sagrado, un idioma inviolable para mi.