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Luftwaffe Officer Career Summaries. Luftwaffe Officer Career Summaries. by Henry L. deZeng IV and Douglas G. Stankey. updated version. Introduction. Soldatenbesoldung und Wir zeigen, was Offiziere, Unteroffiziere und Soldaten bei der Bundeswehr verdienen. Zudem gibt es. Die Offiziere der Luftwaffe müssen heute und in Zukunft höchsten Anforde- Jeder Offizier erhält hier seine allgemeinmilitärische Ausbildung und Erzie- hung.


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The Geschwader bore the prefix that indicated its role in warfare, offizier luftwaffe. The Geschwaderkommodore or Kommodore was usually a Major or above in rank and flew operations with his Geschwaderstab.


The control of the entire Geschwader was normally exercised from the Gefechtsstand Battle HQ situated on the Geschwaderstab's airfield, but this was not always the case and it was common for the Geschwader to have its Gruppen scattered over a wide area, even possibly in different theatres of war.

Gruppe offizier luftwaffe a fully fledged combat formation.

dictionary :: Technischer Offizier [Luftwaffe] :: German-English translation

The Gruppe Group was led by a Gruppenkommandeur or Kommandeur, an executive post held by an aircrew member whose rank could vary considerably - normally it was a Major in the case of bomber units and a Hauptmann in fighter units. He had his own operational and administrative Gruppenstab Staffand flew combat operations with his Stabsschwarm Staff Flight usually of 3 to 4 aircraft.

offizier luftwaffe


For tactical operations, the Staffel was split into Schwarm Section of four aircraft or Rotte pair of aircraft in offizier luftwaffe case of fighters, fighter-bombers or close -support aircraft, or Kette Flight of three aircraft in the case of bombers and dive-bombers.

The uniform also shows the branch and the emblem of the last unit the soldier has served in.

Luftwaffe War Diary: Pilots & Aces: Uniforms & Equipment - Uwe Feist, Thomas McGuirl - Google Buku

Like in the active duty, epaulettes demonstrate rank, supplemented by a colored cord which shows the branch the soldier is serving. Special additional cord colors are: Reservists have the same promotion periods offizier luftwaffe service times as active soldiers.

Reservists can go through a part of military exercises when they are summoned to join a unit.

Promotion[ edit ] The promotion ceremony is performed during a regular unit meeting, at a special event or in private. A suitable commander will announce the promotion by reading the offizier luftwaffe to that effect, while the soldiers to be promoted will stand forward at attention facing the unit.


If regular battledress is worn, it is customary that two fellow soldiers from the same rank group, but slightly senior, replace the shoulder strap sleeves from both sides with a pair indicating the new rank.

They will then stand in front of the soldier and apply a simultaneous slap with one outstretched arm each on the respective offizier luftwaffe, so as if to indicate the added weight and responsibility of the new rank [1].

Offizier luftwaffe of ranks[ edit ] Army and air force[ edit ] Rank insignia are worn on both shoulders. See also Enlisted personnel[ edit ] Enlisted personnel Mannschaften offizier luftwaffe largely made up of conscripts serving their term which could be voluntarily extended to a maximum total of 23 months.

Since Julycompulsory military service has now been suspended during peacetime. Since this was replaced by a purely voluntary service, still a large part of the enlisted personnel are serving less than two years voluntary military service - two years or more contracts are called Soldier for a Period of Time.