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Is Past Life Regression Therapy for you? Answer these twenty-five questions to see if you might be a good fit for Past Life Regression Therapy. Many people turn to past life regression to learn more about themselves. Discovering past lives may help you uncover the source of unusual attachments. A PEOPLE writer undergoes past life regression therapy with therapist Ann Barham.


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I told Barham I craved more water, more fruit, and past-life regression vegetables. I told myself to run more often as a form of meditation.

I told myself to drink alcohol less often.

Here's What Past Life Regression Therapy Is Like |

In her book, Barham repeatedly addresses past-life regression elephant in the room—What if, regardless of how cathartic I felt this was, I made it all up? It gives us rich material to work with.

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The issues I listed as problematic appeared lighter, less important. I took deep breaths and, truthfully, felt at peace.

Is past life regression therapy ethical?

After leaving her hotel past-life regression, I wanted to reconnect with my family. I wanted to slow down, focus on my breath.


I craved vegetables, and tomatoes in particular I picked them up at the market past-life regression India. Outside, on 42nd street, I knew everything was going to be OK.

I experienced a sense of calm I hadn't in years.


For once, walking underground, pushing past crowds of Past-life regression Yorkers, and riding the train home felt easy. As for the extraordinary talents developed by children, reincarnation is past-life regression the only possible explanation.

Past life regression - Wikipedia

Talents artistic, academic, and etc. Some defenders of reincarnation claim that some children with extraordinary talents come from families without those talents.

However, that is not a good enough argument, for it ignores past-life regression basic law in Mendelian genetics: The parents may carry the dominant unexpressed variety of a gene for a specific talent.

It has been frequently claimed that Mozart must have been the reincarnation of a great musician, for, how can someone at such a young age develop those musical skills?

Again, there is no need to appeal to reincarnation: But again, all this evidence is just anecdotal. Stevenson only relied on testimonies and photographs; both types of evidence are highly susceptible to fraud. Moreover, once again, in past-life regression cases, Stevenson arrived too late.

Is past life regression therapy ethical?

past-life regression The families may have established contact, and the child may have been provided with information about the deceased person.

Furthermore, if reincarnation is just about the transmigration of souls, how exactly do marks appear on the body? Neither Stevenson nor any other defender of the reincarnation hypothesis has ever given a satisfactory response to this important question.

Once again, we face the problem of interaction between material and nonmaterial substances. Is past life regression therapy harmless? Despite the fact that, as I have argued, the reincarnation hypothesis faces some tough conceptual problems and the empirical evidence in its favor is very weak, some psychiatrists do insist on using past past-life regression regression therapy to treat some mental disorders, specially specific phobias