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Install the PDF Reader mobile app to work with PDF documents on your Windows Phone. Features: 1. Quickly open PDF documents from the web 2. Search text. Adobe has updated its PDF reader for Windows Phone 7 handsets. The latest release arrives without a changelog, so we assume that a. Something that we all need sooner or later, on any computing platform, is a way of reading through Acrobat (PDF) files. To my knowledge, no.


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Published by Steve Litchfield at 6: To my knowledge, no mobile OS has ever supplied this by default, though many manufacturers often opt to include a viewer in shipping firmware.

For Windows Phone, we're actually spoiled for choice, so I thought I'd round-up your options and proffer some opinions. For a meaningful test, I should perhaps also explain that I used half a dozen PDFs varying pdf reader wp7 size and complexity, selected to offer a variety of challenges to the applications, so hopefully each got a good workout.

Suffice it to say that once you've received a PDF file the OS will launch any application you have installed which claims to handle this file type. Or, if you have multiple applications, as I had, will give you the choice at file-open time. PDF Reader The only Microsoft-coded application here and updated various times over the last pdf reader wp7 years.


As you might expect from a first party application it's quick in operation, taking pdf reader wp7 3 seconds to load in the whole of David Wood's epic page Smartphones and Beyondand only another five seconds to find all matches of a particular search pdf reader wp7 in the text.

Handling heavily textual and heavily graphical PDFs with aplomb Viewing and navigation is slightly limited, to page nudge controls, a 'jump to page' function and just the standard graphical and 'single page' views.


So you're ultimately restricted by the fonts used in pdf reader wp7 document - where lines can't be shown fully, rotating the phone into landscape gives more space and usually helps. Rather oddly, there's also a 'rotate left' function on the menu, made doubly odd because this doesn't really add anything to visibility and by not being matched with a companion 'rotate right'!

The PDF (Acrobat) Reader round-up for Windows Phone

Yes, that's a lot of pages, but jumping is instant; right search matches are brought up quickly Overall though, quick and functional. Adobe Reader Quick to load, though also confusing, first putting up a worrying 'Is it ok to send back details on what you're looking at to Adobe? Navigation is easy with a pop-up slider at the bottom of the screen, and multi-touch zoom extends to very large font levels, though there's no help in terms of reflow again, plus re-rendering after each zoom operation had a visible delay.

Searching is interminably and unusably slow, taking a full 40 pdf reader wp7 to find even the first of six matches of my search string in the David Wood book. An analog slider for document navigation is aided by being able to tap on the page number and by page thumbnails, which appear in real time as you swipe There's an 'export' facility to Office files, but only using a subscription-only 'Adobe Services' online.

It's not expensive, but it's something of a hassle, so you really have to want to do this. Finally, there are basic editing and annotating facilities, perhaps something I can come back to in a separate review.

Download PDF Reader XAP File for Windows Phone - Appx4Fun

Again, loading a document is very fast. Two features do stand out though - firstly, you can invert document colours, i.

Showing document effect with colours inverted, and right showing the search match interface Aerize Explorer Pro I had this on my shortlist because it claimed to display PDF files, but clearly this didn't like being on the same smartphone pdf reader wp7 a number of other PDF readers!

In other words, I was in a loop! I'm sure that Aerize Explorer Pdf reader wp7 does the job when it's all that's available, but I quickly dismissed it from the choices here.

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Something of a lateral thinking approach, Nokia Reading is centred around book reading, but does offer a PDF reading function via importing files from OneDrive. The download process was very quick and then it pdf reader wp7 into each file. This has the huge advantage that no line is ever 'too long' and that you can just read Images are included in Nokia Reading, but they're inserted, interstitially, between rendered pages, at roughly the right point in the text.