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Master these colored pencil drawing techniques, and your drawing power will be nearly limitless! You'll learn rubbing, indenting and more on. In this article, I'll share seven expert pencil drawing techniques to help you take your skills to the next level, whether you want to create stylised. Learn how to draw with graphite with these pencil drawing video tutorials. Skip to Pencil Drawing Lessons on: Techniques | People | Landscape | Animals.


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Learning to master outlines will allow you to create better drawing on the fly. You can even use it to help create quick and quirky caricatures for all your friends.

Hatching and Crosshatching The drawing technique of hatching is created by using small lines drawn closely together. This technique is used to create shading across an object. Drawing the pencil art techniques in one direction following the form of the object helps define it better.

You can also use crosshatching to help create a more realistic look to your sketches. Crosshatching will help you create more value and depth in your drawings. To do this you would draw hatching lines in one direction and then cross over them in the opposite direction.

The tighter and closer pencil art techniques the lines the more realistic it will appear, as it will be harder to see the pencil strokes. Circular Technique Creating circles and scribbles is great to create contrasting textures, when objects are similar in value.


To create this technique you would create tiny circles and move your pencil in a swirling motion. You want to keep these circles and swirls tightly drawn together.

This is great for using to blend shading together. You can easily create a group of swirls and continue to press down on your pencil creating pencil art techniques darker value and blending the two values together.

pencil art techniques This technique can be especially good for creating skin textures. When creating the shading for a portrait, use small tight circles of varying values to create a better appearance of skin.

This technique gives you a lot of control when blending, without using any other tools. Smooth Shading There are a couple of ways you can create smooth shading across your drawing. The first of the pencil drawing techniques is to use your pencil to create smooth strokes close together.

Pencil drawing techniques: 7 tips to improve your skills | Creative Bloq

Start with your hardest pencil creating light lines with a varied starting point. Continue to darken your values by pressing down slightly harder and changing to a softer pencil. You want to try to keep your lines as close together pencil art techniques you can to create pencil art techniques smooth effect.

Another way to create a smooth shading effect is to do one of the pencil drawing techniques above, like hatching, and use a shading tool.

Creative Bloq

You can use a Q-tip, pencil art techniques, or tissue to help you smudge your pencil strokes together. Start by creating the hatching effect and then taking your smoothing tool and blending the two hatched sections together.

  • Pencil Drawing Techniques for Beginners

You also want to use the shading tool to smooth pencil art techniques individual hatch marks together to create one contiguous effect.

When it comes to mastering shading you can do it in stages, starting with one of your lighter values. Continue to define the shapes creating darker values of shadow as you go along.

Pencil Drawing Techniques for Beginners

Remember to follow along in the direction of the shapes to help define them. One problem that many artists have is their drawings end up looking flat. Some artists are too afraid to push pencil art techniques dark values in a drawing. The contrast in your image will really help your objects to stand out.