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Results 26 - 51 of 51 - Petunjuk dan peta Jakarta | Guide & map of Jakarta | DKI Jakarta Catalog Megapolitan, map and street guide, | Jakarta, Bogor. Powered by CogniCity Open Source Software, is a free . Since its debut in (as ), the platform has been. Winarno, H. (, January 17). BNPB: 5 Orang tewas akibat banjir besar di Jakarta. l. a. Accessed 6 Feb Yusuf, A.A.


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Peta Jakarta · Banjir

Peta jakarta 2013 platform harnesses the heightened use of social media and instant messaging during emergency peta jakarta 2013 to gather confirmed situational updates from street level, in a manner that removes the need for expensive and time-consuming data processing. These verified user reports are displayed alongside relevant emergency data collected by local and government agencies.

By integrating localized knowledge from a variety of sources into a single, robust platform, PetaBencana. Background Seasonal flooding has been a part of life in Jakarta since the seventeenth century.

Sinceefforts to combat flooding have focused on large-scale infrastructure developments canals, flood gates, water pumps etc. Despite these efforts, flooding remains an annual occurrence and major floods paralyzed the city in,and With the effects of climate change, as weather patterns become increasingly unpredictable and increase peta jakarta 2013 intensity, the flood is peta jakarta 2013 difficult to prepare for.

In these situations, access to real-time information is critical to support decision-making at individual and government levels.


A lack of access to real-time data compromises abilities to make informed, evidence-based decisions concerning urban planning and emergency response. Friction between agencies also makes it difficult to coordinate emergency response, amplifying confusion, conflict, and ineffective resource management.

While rapidly urbanizing megacities like Jakarta are often thought to be data scarce, a wealth peta jakarta 2013 information exists in different forms.

Although various localized knowledges exist within cities, these often remain in isolated pockets. The rise of social media platforms has taken city planners by surprise because these technologies not only provide unprecedented volumes of data relevant to the analysis of urban systems, but, more peta jakarta 2013, they change the way residents interact with each other and with the city at large.

The tacit knowledge of local communities, government agencies, and first responders in Jakarta, as well as the dense network of mobile sensors connected via social media, provides a data source of unprecedented resolution for mitigating urban peta jakarta 2013.

In the context of DRM, the challenge for information and communication technologies is not to develop new sensors or additional applications for crowd-sourcing data collection, but instead to seed the evolution of social media networks as a mega-city methodology for resilience to extreme weather events and climate change.


From December to Marchwe deployed PetaJakarta. These data were used by BPBD DKI Jakarta to cross-validate formal reports of flooding from traditional data sources, supporting the creation of information for flood assessment, response, and management in real-time.

Justification When we initiate the program in Jakarta, we are motivated because: Jakarta has an extremely high proportion of mobile phone users and one of the highest concentrations of Twitter users in the world as well with other social media; because our platform project relies on densely populated urban environments with high peta jakarta 2013 of social media users, Jakarta provides an especially compelling environment for understanding the value of social media in a disaster risk management context.

Our program responds to specific needs of government to support the creation of information for flood assessment, response, and management in real-time.

Peta Jabodetabek | pansimarmay

However, after we deployed our platform, we received many feedbacks from the community that using our platform and we listen to their needs, for examples: We improved our platform to be accessible with minimum hardware requirement.

We added more reporting channels by peta jakarta 2013 popular social media or instant messaging that used by the specific community i.

Our software behind PetaBencana. The platform has enabled greater information sharing and data coordination among residents and government agencies, fostering equitable and collaborative resilience to climate change.


The innovation aspects of PetaBencana. Delivers real-time information about flooding situations on a web-based map; Fills information gaps between formal and informal agencies operating within urban environments; Medium-agnostic: During its implementation, we are working peta jakarta 2013 with relevant agencies.