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In Plumbago zeylanica, the two male gametes are readily differentiated by their relative content in mitochondria and plastids and fertilize, respectively, the. Plumbago zeylanica. Photo: Bart Wursten National Botanic Garden, Harare. Plumbago zeylanica. Photo: Bart Wursten National Botanic Garden  Zimbabwe distribution‎: ‎N,W,C,E,S. The root of Plumbago zeylanica Linn. is used in traditional medicine for the treatment of chronic inflammatory diseases and various disorders. The toxicity of this.


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Flora of Zimbabwe: Species information: Plumbago zeylanica

A paste of the root in vinegar, milk, and water is considered significant against influenza and black water fever, while root infusion is taken orally to treat shortness plumbago zeylanica breath. The roots of the plant and its constituents are credited with potential therapeutic properties including antiatherogenic, cardiotonic, hepatoprotective, neuroprotective, and central nervous system stimulating properties.


Pharmacological properties of Plumbago zeylanica Plumbago zeylanica here to view "Panchcole," an Ayurvedic formulation containing P.

The roots, root barks, and seeds are used medicinally as a stimulant, caustic, digestion, antiseptic, plumbago zeylanica, and also for killing intestinal parasites. In small doses, it exhibits sudorific and stimulates the central nervous system; large doses may cause death due to respiratory failure and paralysis.


Plumbagin plumbago zeylanica also shown antibacterial activity against both gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria, [41][42][43][44][45][46] antihyperglycemic, [47] insecticidal, [48][49] antiallergic, [50][51] and antigonorrhoeal activity.

Pharmacological properties of plumbagin Click here to view Phytochemicals isolated from P. For the main test, the doses were selected from the default progression factors.

Sub-acute toxicity studies Sub-acute plumbago zeylanica studies were carried out in line with OECD guideline for testing of chemicals — The animals were plumbago zeylanica daily by gavage for the period of 28 days. The animals were then sacrificed with an overdose of anesthetic.


Macroscopic and microscopic evaluation of organs After necropsy, liver, kidney, heart, lungs, adrenals, and spleen were debrided of attached connective tissue and weighed on an analytical balance.

The organ weights were expressed in terms of relative weight percentage organ weight plumbago zeylanica body weight ratio.

Plumbago zeylanica - Wikipedia

The presence of plumbagin was confirmed only in the acetone and petroleum ether extracts. No plumbagin could be identified in the hydroalcoholic extract. In the plumbago zeylanica and hydroalcoholic extract treated groups, mortality was observed within plumbago zeylanica h of dosing, whereas, in the petroleum ether extract treated group, mortality was observed within 4 h of dosing.

A main test was therefore carried out for all the three extracts.

Factsheet - Plumbago zeylanica

In Sushrutha Samhitha it has been described as antiseptic, febrifuge, detoxicant, antihelminthic plumbago zeylanica considered valuable for curing migraine, jaundice, urinary calculi, internal abscesses, seminal weakness, vaginal discharges and insanity.

The use of the roots of P. The hepatoprotective, anti-inflammatory, anti-diabetic, anti-cancer and anti-hyperlipidemic activities of P. Seedlings Cotyledons spathulateabout x mm.

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First pair of leaves arise just above the cotyledons. At the tenth leaf stage: Plumbago zeylanica deposits of calcium carbonate present on the stems and on the underside of the older leaves.

Stem longitudinally grooved or striated.