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Reading with preschoolers can be one of life's great joys – if the material is right. Re-reading the same tedious guff every bedtime is the bane of. Books will always be at the core of proper childhood development at the preschool level. It teaches young kids skills that are fundamental to success as they. Reading aloud to your preschooler is a great way to encourage learning development and to help prepare your child for independent reading down the line.


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The Adventures of Beekle: The Unimaginary Friend This heartwarming story took the Caldecott Medal in for its preschool stories. The storyline follows an imaginary friend who finds himself passed over time and again.


He decides to take matters into his own hands and find a preschool stories who will imagine him and give him a name. After a journey through the cities and countries of the world, he finally finds a home in the imagination of a small girl.

  • Story Time for Preschoolers

A is for Angry: An Animal and Adjective Alphabet Any of Sandra Boynton's energetic and silly stories could have made this list, but A is for Angry stands out for not preschool stories teaching the alphabet, but also for teaching a wide variety of adjectives to expand preschoolers' vocabulary.

Her funny illustrations make the connection between unfamiliar words and their meanings, all while maintaining a sense of excitement and humor that sets this book apart from the other alphabet books on the market. Inside Outside Upside Down This incredibly simple story follows a young bear as he crawls into a box and goes to town on a truck.

Preschool Stories |

The appeal comes from the building repetition as each action is added to the refrain. Duck and Goose When a duck and a goose mistake a beach ball for an egg, they first fight about who gets to keep it. As the story progresses, preschool stories discover that the only way to take care of their new responsibility is through cooperation.

The illustrations really make this book, with gorgeous watercolor backgrounds that push the adorable Preschool stories and Goose to the front.

Preschool stories by Jean Warren

Our heroes are expressive and funny - their simple lines make their expressions stand out. With easy words and exciting pictures, this book's theme of friendship will resonant with preschoolers.

The How Preschool stories Dinosaurs? Typically the first half of the book has the dinosaurs modelling inappropriate behavior, which they then correct in the second half.

preschool stories

The 50 Best Books For Preschoolers - Early Childhood Education Zone

The rhyming couplets on each page are offset by colorful and silly images of scientifically correct dinosaurs performing day to day tasks, often alongside human children and preschool stories.

The juxtaposition is both entertaining and educational, as the names for each dinosaur are provided just below the picture.

When his mother does return, she reassures him that she will always be near, and he is able to preschool stories asleep. With a simple rhyme scheme and colorful, expressive illustrations, this book hits the right notes on an all-too-familiar problem for this age group.

Story Time for Preschoolers

This book provides a positive introduction to school, while also addressing preschool-friendly themes preschool stories the waiting, revenge, and forgiveness. The first half of the book has Blue, the truck, greeting his animal friends and invites preschoolers to make the noises of the creatures he preschool stories on the way.

In the second half, a mean dump truck gets stuck in the mud, but no one will help him. When Blue gets stuck too, all his animal friends jump in preschool stories save the day.

This preschool stories encourages participation through repetitious animal sounds and predictable text.