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You are here: Home / Seven gems of Vrindavan / giriraj-charan-sila at Radha damodar. giriraj-charan-sila at Radha damodar. June 4, by VT Staff 0. Visnu said, "To fulfill your curse, I will become a stone (Salagrama-sila) and will .. the Damodara-sila was named Radha-ramana, being the combined forms of. Some devotees are under the impression that the Deities of Radhadamodar in the Then Krishna gave him a Govardhan Sila with His Foot Print, Flute, Stick.


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Dressed in Sankhacuda's armor, Visnu went to the palace where Tulasi was waiting.

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Thinking that her husband had returned from battle to regain his strength, Tulasi radha damodara sila him to the bed chamber for rest. Thus the night passed and the chastity of Tulasi was broken by the tricks of Visnu, and at that moment Sankhacuda was slain by Siva in the midst of battle.

Radhadamodar Govardhan sila

When Tulasi understood that the Sankhacuda that slept the night in her bed chamber was actually Visnu and not her husband and that Sankhacuda had been killed by Siva, Tulasi cursed Visnu.

Only one whose heart is like stone could do such a thing. Thus I curse you to remain on earth radha damodara sila a stone!


At the same time, Sankhacuda also performed penances to get you as his wife. As a result of a boon from Lord Brahma, the desire of Sankhacuda was fulfilled.

Now that Sankhacuda has left this mortal world and gone to the spiritual world, your desire to have me radha damodara sila your husband will be fulfilled.

It is my benediction that your present body will be transformed into the Gandaki River and from your beautiful hair will grow millions of small trees that will be known as Tulasi. These trees will be held sacred by all my devotees, the Vaisnavas.


To fulfill your curse, I will become many stones Salagrama-sila and will always live on the banks of the Gandaki River. It is also radha damodara sila in the Brahma-vaivarta Purana that Sankhacuda was an eternal associate of Krsna named Sudama who manifested in this world as a demon to assist in these pastimes.

From the time these eternal events took place until the present, the devotees of both Visnu and Siva pilgrimage to the Gandaki River in the Himalayas and collect the Radha damodara sila and worship them with the leaves of the Tulasi plant.

There is a reference to offering Tulasi leaves to Krsna in the Bhagavad-gita 9. According to the acaryas, great spiritual masters, the patram leaf radha damodara sila in this verse particularly refers to the Tulasi leaf. It is also mentioned in the Garuda Purana and the Brhan-naradiya Purana that worship without Tulasi leaves is never accepted by Visnu.

Visnu does not accept any worship, or eat or drink anything that radha damodara sila without Tulasi. At the present time, Salagrama-sila is still worshipped in major temples throughout the country and in the homes of very pious persons.

Salagrama-sila | Sri Narasingha Chaitanya Ashram

There are many references found in the Puranas regarding the special sanctity of Salagrama-sila. In the Skanda Purana it is said: That area should be considered Visnu-loka, nondifferent from the abode of Visnu.

If someone believing in the sanctity of Salagrama-sila, as per the verdict of the sastra, breathes their last within that 24 mile radius, he is sure to attain mukti, salvation from material bondage. Some of the names and qualities of Salagrama-silas are as follows: The Vasudeva-sila is white in radha damodara sila and is very attractive looking.


It has two equal-sized cakras, or discs, radha damodara sila the front, but slightly off-center. The Sankarsana-sila is red-colored, with two cakras combined in one section and a well-formed front.