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Congratulations on your purchase of the Thunder Tiger Raptor 50 Titan Version helicopter. Raptor 50, already the best 50 class 3-D helicopter is now even better. The Raptor 50 PV Decal, R50 Titanium. JV Raptor Titanium Xtreme Motocross Enduro Footpegs KTM 50CC UP ON Engine Cylinder Head with SLS Jonway YY50QTD 50 4T Raptor Upgrade from the world famous Raptor 50 V2, we introduce the New Raptor 50 SE version featuring: metal rotor hub with button head, light 3D paddles,  Missing: titanium ‎| ‎Must include: ‎titanium.


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Also put some grease on the balls and races from the thrust bearings when you install them.

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I like to run a spindle bolt in and out to make sure none of the dampener grease is in the threads then locktite these bolts, you will need an extra allen wrench for this step. Ball link reaming tool Flybar paddles need help Step 12 involves they flybar assembly.

Care should be taken to align and center the flybar carefully. There should raptor 50 titanium mm of flybar sticking out raptor 50 titanium either side of the head assembly before the paddles are installed.

Raptor 50 Titan KIT

The short double links that raptor 50 titanium from the washout arms to the main blade grip are installed during this step and you should take care to install them the correct direction, use your silver sharpie to mark them.

Its time to introduce another helpful tool, the ball link reamer.

Most of the ball links from the factory are fairly tight, most of them in the head will loosen up after a few flights but the links in the control system and A arms wont. I test raptor 50 titanium all the links before I install them and if needed give them a few twists of the reamer.

Photos 25 and 26 Don't do too much at a time, you can always take more material off, you can't put any back on. If raptor 50 titanium links are too tight your servos will have trouble returning to center and you will be constantly chasing the helicopter and keeping it in trim.

When installing the upper mast bolt make sure its snug but don't over torque it, this bolt can break if over tightened and when that happens the head comes off in raptor 50 titanium, the resulting landing is usually less than visually appealing.

Screw the paddles on until the fly bar just starts to show raptor 50 titanium the small cut out in the paddle, install the set screws in the paddle but don't tighten them down just yet.

You can align the flybar paddles by eye and most of the time get pretty close but a set of paddle alignment gauges allow you to get perfect alignment every time.


As you progress in your flying and start using lighter paddles like we will in the upgrade segment alignment becomes critical. Photo 27 shows the use of the gauges and the paddles out of alignment, tweak the paddles and get them perfect as photo 28 shows.

The paddles should be aligned to the head and each other. Photo 28 shows the paddles in alignment top of each gauge parallel to each other so you can tighten the set screw, just snug it you don't want to strip the plastic and leave the gauges on so you can verify alignment when everything is tight.

Paddles ready to fly Correct orientation of tail pulley. Incorrect orientation of tail pulley. At this point the helicopter should really be taking shape but its time to give it that final piece, the tail and tail rotor assembly.

I built the Titan for its initial flight testing stock but I highly recommend replacing the tail rotor raptor 50 titanium and grub screw arrangement with Thunder Tiger part number PV, its a one piece machined assembly that is much more robust, the tail case and tail rotor will be replaced in the upgrade phase of our Titan so I felt the stock assembly would be adequate.

Raptor 50 V2 SE-Thunder Tiger

Take care not to over torque the grub screws step 14 item3 as this will contribute to early tail rotor failure. Photos 29 and 30 show the red tail pulley, the edges are beveled and it should be assembled as in photo 29, if you get this backwards you will have 2 or 3 mm of side to side play in the tail rotor output shaft and your gyro will always feel mushy and the tail won't give you that "locked in" feeling.

Two things of note while assembling the tail case, make sure the washer for the bell crank goes between the bell crank and the tail case I have found some binding where the builder used the washer next to the bolt head. Be raptor 50 titanium to keep an eye on the ball on the pitch change slider and the bell crank, this area can pick up a lot of grit and it acts like a lapping compound and wears the ball down and makes for a loose fit on the bell crank, the result will be tail kicking.


Another area of note is the belt installation. Raptor 50 titanium you raptor 50 titanium the tail boom and loop the belt over the spur gear when the main rotor head is turned clockwise the tail rotor should turn counter clockwise when viewing the right side of the helicopter, another easy way to remember is if the tail rotor hits the dirt it should always throw dirt towards the front of the helicopter.