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Shardik is a fantasy of tragic character, centered on the long-awaited reincarnation of the gigantic bear Shardik and his appearance among the half-barbaric. Shardik is a fantasy novel written by Richard Adams in The story is about a hunter seeking to kill giant bear that may be a god. Shardik is a fantasy novel by Richard Adams. Shardik is his second novel, and first of two novels set in the fictional Beklan Empire. Events revolve around  Pages‎: ‎ pp (first edition, hardback).


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Shardik: Richard Adams: : Books

Still idealistic and unworldly, Kelderek is dismayed by the brutality and corruption that quickly surrounds him.

When the bear escapes and flees again, it is Kelderek alone who follows in pursuit. The two of them stagger through the wilderness for a long time.

Behind them, the capital richard adams shardik is torn apart by factions of rebels, and lawless chaos spreads through the entire empire.

On the brink of madness after days alone with no sleep, Kelderek follows the bear to a mysterious place called the Streels of Urtah. Here, Shardik enters one of the ravines comprising the Streels, and is presumed dead. A shepherd later revealed as a guardian of the Streels informs Kelderek that any who enter there are beings of great richard adams shardik who are destined to die, with one past exception: This woman gave birth to a son as she left the Streels, a son who later grew to be a great hero who led the ancient overthrow of the Ortelgans from Bekla.

Shardik (novel)

As this story is told, Shardik emerges from the ravine and flees again into the woods. Kelderek continues to follow Shardik, meeting many foes along the way, richard adams shardik he reaches Zeray, an outlaw town beyond the borders of civilisation. Here he re-encounters Melathys, a former priestess of Shardik.

Having lost Shardik and his faith, Kelderek is captured by Genshed, a cruel slave-trader who already has a large group of children to eventually sell but is meanwhile tormenting them richard adams shardik his own amusement.

Through Shardik, it is believed, God will reveal his secret truth, and his chosen auxiliary vessels are a man and a woman, roles into which Kelderek and the Tuginda quickly slot themselves.


The action is under richard adams shardik Then, naturally, things begin to go wrong, as Adams expands the plot to introduce territorial disputes, political rivalry and corruption. Some reviews of this book complain about its "preachy" tone, and I can sympathize.

Shardik by Richard Adams review – beware the bear | Books | The Guardian

The tone is oddly stiff, and Adams sometimes spells things out too blatantly where he really could have afforded to trust the reader. I didn't feel it was anywhere richard adams shardik as axe-grindy as The Plague Dogs which I enjoyed, if that word could be applied to such a book!

The bear attacks Genshed, mortally wounding him before itself collapsing in the river. Kelderek, his faith and kindness restored but now tempered with knowledge of the world, returns to the town of Zeray with the children and attempts to re-establish a lawful society.

The epilogue skips forward a number of years.

Shardik by Richard Adams review – beware the bear

It is told from the perspective of a newcomer from Zakalon, a distant kingdom to the east of Bekla. This man, Siristrou, is the leader of the first embassy from Zakalon sent to reciprocate the first visit of a Beklan to their richard adams shardik.


The formerly lawless border town is now the home richard adams shardik hundreds of orphans and refugees working together to build a better future. Kelderek is its mayor, widely regarded as a fair and wise leader, and is married to his love, Melathys.