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No information is available for this page. Sallust's book documents two important historical events in the Roman Empire, the Jurgatine War and the Conspiracy of Catiline. They occur at a time the. This webpage reproduces part of. The War With Jugurtha by. Sallust published in the Loeb Classical Library, (revised ). The text is in.


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The Jugurthine War | monograph by Sallust |

And the tactics Marius used to wrest control of the war from Metellus are just as ignoble as the deeds of those he indicted in his speeches and rabble-rousing. Metellus also seemed to be the equal of Marius as a general.

So, let us turn to Sallust's own words to see if we can find the political point that he was making. Lucius Calpurnius Bestia, consul inwas the first noble to be sent against Jugurtha militarily.

Sallust says that Bestia, "no novice in the art of war", had "great power of endurance and a keen and far-seeing intellect…", and "admirable courage" p. But, "although the consul had many good qualities, they were all rendered useless by his avarice" p.

He is described as "an enterprising nobleman who, although he was a sallust jugurthine war intriguer with an appetite for power, advancement, and riches, had enough cunning to hide his faults" p. The war had barely begun when Jugurtha managed to bribe them both.

Sallust, The Jugurthine War, chapter 1

This 'peace treaty' incensed the masses and worried the Senate. Should it be ratified or annulled? Sallust says that "It was chiefly the power of Scaurus, who was reported to be the prompter and accomplice of Bestia, that deterred them from taking the honest and patriotic course" p.

These two do not make out well sallust jugurthine war Sallust's eyes. One indication that Sallust is making a political point against them is the fact that he reproduces in full one of Memmius' speeches, which sets "forth the many arrogant and cruel acts of the nobles…" p.

Mankind unreasonably complain of their nature, that, being weak and short-lived, it is governed by chance rather than intellectual power; 1 for, on the contrary, you will find, upon reflection, that there is nothing more noble or excellent, and that to nature is wanting rather human industry than ability or time.


The ruler and director of the sallust jugurthine war of man is the mind, which, when it pursues glory in the path of true merit, is sufficiently powerful, efficient, and sallust jugurthine war of honor, 2 and needs no assistance from fortune, who can neither bestow integrity, industry, or other good qualities, nor can take them away.

Fortunately for me, I enjoyed some of his off tangents though I can see them really irritating some of his readers. At times the writing didn't flow well but that could be said of most of the ancient texts.

The Jugurthine War

These guys were writing for a certain niche of people back in the day and weren't trying to necessarily be super entertaining nor amusing so you have to take that in stride or look for an entertaining summary of this period elsewhere.

Sallust was considered something of a dramatist at times in this work and he sallust jugurthine war biased towards the Old Guard.

sallust jugurthine war Can anyone feel compassion for us who was ever your enemy? Then of a truth that wretch, who now exults and glories in his crimes, will be tortured by ills of every kind and pay a sallust jugurthine war penalty for his treachery to our father, for the murder of my brother, and for my unhappiness.

As it is, life has no charms for me, but death is impossible without shame.

The Jugurthine War and the Conspiracy of Catiline

They declared that Hiempsal had been slain by the Numidians because of his savage cruelty; the Adherbal after making war without provocation and suffering defeat, was complaining because he had been prevented from inflicting injury.

Jugurtha, they said, begged the senate not to think him other than he sallust jugurthine war shown himself at Numantia, or let the words of an enemy outweigh his own actions.

The partisans of the envoys, and a large number of other senators who had been corrupted by their influence, derided the words of Adherbal and lauded the virtues of Jugurtha; exerting their influence, their eloquence, in short every possible means, they laboured as diligently in defence of the shameful crime of a foreigner sallust jugurthine war though they were striving to win honour.

They all confess and uncover Catiline's plan to burn Rome; their confessions lose Catiline the public's support. Meanwhile, Catiline hears that his friends have confessed and decides to turn back towards Gaul.


Unfortunately, Quinton Metellus Celer second-guesses him, and Catiline finds himself surrounded by both Antonio and Celer's armies.

Despite a significant disadvantage, Catiline knows he has no choice but to fight. After a brave display by his men, Catiline, on the verge of defeat, rushes to the sallust jugurthine war and the Romans slaughter him.

Sallust, The War with Jugurtha

In the second part of the book, Sallust details the Jugurthine War. However, Jugurtha managed to escape from the flaming wreckage, undoing all of Metellus' efforts.


But before an agreement could be reached, Metellus was deposed from his command by the Roman Tribal Assembly and replaced by his lieutenant, Gaius Marius. Metellus looked unfavorably on Sallust jugurthine war known ambitions in Roman politics and refused for days to allow him to sail to Rome and stand for the consulship.

Metellus was, however, unaware that Marius wanted his command in Numidia.