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Marilyn Horowitz provides a sample of a movie treatment. Marilyn Horowitz delves into the process of writing a screenplay treatment. should have two really well written, well-structured screenplays as writing samples. A treatment is a summary of a script, which is meant to explain the main points For example, for the well-known story To Kill a Mockingbird, you might write this.


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Jon Van asks Anna to collect the deposits from the local stores and put them in the sample screenplay treatment. She does this gratefully, and without question. After a few months of doing this work, it's Lily's birthday.

Sample Movie Treatment - Example Story Synopsis For A Film Script

Anna steals the daily deposit and buys Lily American clothes and a gold necklace. Meanwhile the thefts continue throughout the neighborhood.

When Jon Van confronts Anna about the missing money, she pretends the thief has attacked her. Jon Van believes her, offers her safety in exchange for sexual favors.

Again, Anna rebuffs him.

Sample Movie Treatment - Example Story Synopsis For A Film Script

She realizes that Jon Van was hoping this would happen, and it makes her even more determined not to give in to him. They drag him to an alley and try to beat him to death. Ankle broken, severely wounded, he manages to escape into the maze of tenements.

Daniel sample screenplay treatment into Anna's apartment and hides. Anna is out collecting, and Lily is in school. He finds the necklace and pockets it. Lily returns from school. She finds Daniel, and assumes he's her long lost father, just returned from a new adventure.

How To Write A Treatment

Daniel's touched by her innocent acceptance and cannot hurt her. She's appalled to find Daniel in her house, alone with her daughter.

She's about to turn him into the syndicate, when Lily joyously announces how happy she is to have found her father at last. He's so badly beaten that he's not sample screenplay treatment a threat, and so, Anna doesn't have the heart to destroy Lily's joy.

How To Write A Treatment

They have a little party, and Daniel and Anna pretend that the necklace is from her "father. They continue to enact this uncomfortable charade until Lily leaves for school the next day. Finally alone with him, Anna tells Daniel to get out.

She threatens to call sample screenplay treatment syndicate. He threatens to tell Lily he's not her father.

3 Ways to Write a Script Treatment - wikiHow

Anna realizes that she will be accused of harboring a suspect. She asks Daniel what he wants. Daniel tells her that all he wants is a chance to recover and the get the hell away from there. Anna sample screenplay treatment she will let him stay if he will maintain the lie.

That night the charade continues.


Daniel teaches Lily some sample screenplay treatment English words and how to sample screenplay treatment back. There is as much tenderness between them as though he were her real father.

Anna is upset at the situation, but Lily goes to sleep, happy in the lie. As the days pass, Lily and Daniel grow closer and closer. Lily changes and becomes more secure and out going.