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Scrolling Forward has ratings and 19 reviews. It looks like David Levy has actually updated this book in , maybe the newer version will contain more. Starting with a simple deli lunch receipt, SCROLLING FORWARD examines documents of all kinds from the perspectives of David M. Levy. It's very clear that David M. Levy loves books. More than that, he extends that love of and reverence for books to all documents, "speaking things," as he calls.


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Scrolling Forward: Making Sense of Documents in the Digital Age by David M. Levy

He began as a computer scientist, but found himself increasingly disgusted with the lack of creativity in his field, and decided to start over at the other end of the technological spectrum studying calligraphy.

Eventually he was able to find a way to mix the two, and he now works to make computers capable of continuing the literary tradition previously carried scrolling forward david levy primarily on pen and paper.

For him there is no great debate, computers have simply become scrolling forward david levy tool for creating masterpieces of the written word.

Another surprising, and slightly frustrating, aspect of this book is its lack of a central thesis. With digital media acquiring an increasingly important place in communicating news and ideas, Levy looks at what the continuing transition from print to digital means at both practical and symbolic levels.

The Internet and other electronic publishing platforms now deliver information faster than at any time in history, but tend to lose the depth of the printed page, Levy argues. One does not come on that often. His explanations of the computer technologies which make digital documents possible are effortless and easy to understand for the lay person.

Scrolling Forward : David M. Levy :

Medieval illuminations, Shakespeare, Xerox PARC and Victorian postcard should not mix up into anything approaching closure, yet some how, it all comes out making perfect sense.

From a scrolling forward david levy cash register receipt to the Loma Prieta earthquake and scrolling forward david levy own search for stability in an uncertain world, Levy stirs history, philosophy, technology and metaphysics into something not entirely unlike a fruit cake weighty and satisfying, good shelf-life.

Scholarly books are not preferred reading. Too much of what comes out of academe is couched in self-consciously aggrandizing language. In short, the writing is abysmal. Later sections of the book put other areas of the 'digital dilemma' in the same sort of historical and social context.

Scrolling Forward: Making Sense of Documents in the Digital Age - David M. Levy - Google книги

When worrying or enthusing about the future of the book we are advised to be a bit more precise about which class of books, exactly, are under discussion.

They do vary, and once we get past the current physical similarities it may be a mistake to consider them all as one kind of entity. When contemplating the future of the scrolling forward david levy we are advised to remember that the library of our common conception, publicly funded and dedicated to broad availability of information, came into existence only in the middle of the 19th century.

Running throughout Levy's book is the theme of documents as talking things, as tools we use to throw our voices in specific ways, making them louder or more persistent, to paint pictures, to make music.