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Tanganika Magazyn no. 17 is available from the editor. The new issue of pages contains several interesting articles on Lake Tanganyika. Tanganika MAGAZYN no. The different underwater habitats of Lake Tanganyika are overviewed in the informative article “Biotopes of Lake. Tanganyika Magazyn - New Issue + Back Issues. Started by Stormfyre, 11 Oct 2 replies; views. Tanganyika Magazyn - New Issue + Back Issues.


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One is of a Julidochromis they refer to as Julidochromis cf.

Could these two species represent new, undescribed forms? This interesting article tanganyika magazyn the Karlsson brothers explains when and how they first discovered the Tropheus cf.


Tanganyika magazyn is remarkable just how small its distribution is, apparently approximately meters of shoreline around Wampembe, Tanzania. Apparently, many have been exported around the world, and it seems as though it reproduces as per the standard Tropheus in captivity, with even the Karlsson brothers father being tanganyika magazyn first to spawn it when it was first discovered and exported.

Tanganika Magazyn

Much of the latter half of this article wrestles with the artificial reproduction of this species and what the likelihood would look like if such captive raised stock tanganyika magazyn to be reintroduced back into the lake at Wampembe.

The Karlsson brothers argue that it would not be the best move to reintroduce this species back into its native biotope, as they also argue that doing so with any Tanganyikan cichlid would be unwise, due to captive individuals not having the ability to survive in the very different conditions of the wild.

Rather, they argue ideally, that the habitat ought to be preserved from over collecting to allow the natural population to recover.


The results seem to indicate that it is doing quite well and that is tanganyika magazyn is increasing slowly but surely.

Just think about insects, there it may happen that there is only one expert in the whole world for a particular tanganyika magazyn.

Perth Cichlid Society Forums

Who should review his work? Or have a look in Zootaxa, at present the most well-known journal, who is tanganyika magazyn in charge of African freshwater fish? The review in scientific journals refers often only to whether the rules are being followed or not. Neolamprologus cylindricus is highlighted in a comprehensive article by Dr.

Tanganika Magazyn main index - Cichlid Room Companion

The latest data on the tribe Lamprologini is presented as well as the history of N. Tanganyika magazyn spawning, both parents tend the eggs by mouthing them to rid tanganyika magazyn algae and fanning them to increase oxygen flow.

The majority of parental care is done by the smaller fish in a pair, but this has been found to be influenced by the degree of size difference within a pair.


Common intruders in the lake include TropheusSimochromisand Petrochromis. Like tanganyika magazyn Lake Tanganyika cichlids, they are best tanganyika magazyn in hard alkaline water, with a pH of 8. Only one species of Julidochromis should be kept in any single aquarium, as the species within this genus tend to hybridise easily.

The tank should be decorated with rocks to form caves and passageways as shelter; like many other Rift Valley cichlids they tend to be territorial and somewhat aggressive.