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The Wave study guide contains a biography of Morton Rhue, literature essays, quiz questions, major themes, characters, and a full summary. The Wave (Laurel-Leaf contemporary fiction) Mass Market Paperback . The Wave by Todd Strasser (Book Analysis): Detailed Summary, Analysis and Reading. Never in my life have I read a book so hard hitting and thought provoking and also gripping as The Wave. It's short but definitely not sweet!


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And the wave book writer, Todd Strasser, used the wave book pen name Morton Rhue. Christ… this shit is fucked up. So… what do YOU think happens? His experiment was a little too successful and some two hundred students at Elwood P.

Jones describes the experiment as "one of the most frightening events experienced in the classroom" source. The story of this experiment was first detailed by Jones in a short story called " The Third Wave.

Something definitely went down, but there seems to be some exaggeration and maybe some fabrication going on, too. The results are astounding. However the teacher was just shocked that it had come to this. Now The wave book thought this was an amazing story of course and was just marvelling how anyone could think up something like this and being glad it wasn't true when my heart nearly missed a beat because I turned to the back page and realised they didn't have to make it up.

It was a true story!


A real incident that occurred in a The wave book high school. They the wave book in a similar fashion to the Nazi rallies, even equipped with banners and armbands emblazoned with the Wave.

Ben tells The Wave members that they are only one in many schools across the nation that is involved in the Wave, and that they are about to see the leader of the whole organization and that he is going to speak to all of them on television to create a National Wave Party for Youths.

The Wave by Todd Strasser - review

Everyone is shocked when Mr. Ross projects the image of Adolf Hitler. He explains that there is no leader, and that the wave book is no National Wave Party.

If there were a leader, it would be the man on the projection screen.


He explains how their obedience led them to act like Nazis. The shocked students drop all their Wave-branded trinkets and items, the wave book slowly leave the room. As Ben turns to leave, the one person who really flourished in the Wave, Robert, is standing alone, upset that The Wave ended.

The Wave by Todd Strasser |

During The Wave, he was finally accepted as an equal, no one picked on him, and he had friends, but his new-found social status is now worthless without The Wave. The wave book tries to cheer him up by commenting on his tie and suit, and they walk out together to talk and grab "a bite to eat".

Themes[ edit ] This section possibly contains original research.