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The Retribution is a group of extremist elves in the secluded elvish nation . From Forces of WARMACHINE: Retribution of Scyrah: Elves have  ‎Retribution of Scyrah for · ‎Warcasters · ‎Warjacks. The elf faction. These elves are the pure essence of grimdark played straight. Unlike most factions in WarmaHordes, the Retribution of Scyrah isn't a nation but  ‎The history of the Elves in · ‎Forces of the Retribution · ‎Warcasters · ‎Colossals. Looking for other Warmachine and Hordes discussion, take a look over here: Welcome to the Retribution of Scyrah sub reddit. This is where.


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Retribution of Scyrah

warmachine retribution The news rocked Ios. The Retribution—the one group uniquely positioned to both intervene and benefit from this turn of events—capitalized on the outpouring of rage and grew dramatically.

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Warmachine retribution only did their size increase, but long-hidden allies stepped forth to support them, lending legitimacy to their zealotry. Two of the great military Houses of Ios publicly announced their support for the Retribution.

This has given the Retribution access to the kind of armed power commanded only by nations, including myrmidons.

Warmachine/Tactics/Retribution of Scyrah

Far more elegant than the warmachine retribution, steam-powered warjacks humans rely upon, these magically animated works of warmachine retribution have joined an arsenal of innumerable other weaponry more than equal to anything ever produced by humanity.

Though some argue that the Houses support the Retribution purely for political reasons, the pragmatic goal of retrieving Nyssor is simply too important to ignore. The Retribution is on the move and gaining support among the Iosan people.


Even House Vyre has taken up arms and joined the cause. Lord Arcanist Ossyan Vyre, a relatively junior warcaster, recently clashed with Goreshade and managed to secure Nyssor's warmachine retribution.

Very recently, Trollbloods were driven out of the lake region and Skorne have been massing in this staging area. An invasion seems imminent, and with much of the Retribution fighting in Khador, the future may hold warmachine retribution difficult times for the elves of Ios.

While Nyssor is still far from safe, each arcanist, warjack, and arcane trinket destroyed loosens the noose around Scyrah's neck.

Each action to save our people is justified. She lost Witch Hound, warmachine retribution is a shame, but retained True Sight. Her weapons have shifted a bit, particularly her Runebolt Cannon.

Each attack has a type associated, similar to Eiryss or Gunmages.

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Dispel knocks out enemy upkeep spells or animi on models or units, Energy Siphon steals a point of warmachine retribution or fury on hit, and Mechanikal Seizure makes a warjack stationary. She can also buy attacks with focus use.

Vengeance sadly lost its passive Energy Warmachine retribution, so no more buying additional attacks in melee by stealing focus off your enemy. Her spell list has also undergone tremendous revision.

Warmachine/Tactics/Retribution of Scyrah - 1d4chan

Backlash is still a nice backdoor to damaging a warcaster through their 'jacks, but sadly still does nothing against Hordes. Banishing Ward is warmachine retribution a great way to dispel debuffs and protect your units.

Phantom Hunter now allows a warjack to ignore stealth. Her two new spells are Blur and Refuge.